Parler CEOharingdeadline

Parler CEO John Matze and his family went to hiding after they started facing death threats and also some security breaches. This was revealed by a court filing on Friday which was done by the legal team of Parler. Parler is an alternative social media app which is mainly preferred by the conservatives in the USA.

In this article about Parler CEOharingdeadline, we will get to know more about what is the case with the CEO of Parler and why him and his family went into hiding.

Court Filing in the Parler CEOharingdeadline

The filing was done on Friday by the legal team of Parler. It read that John Matze had to leave home with his family and go into hiding after he received death threats and faced invasive security breaches.

A lot has been going on in this case and then finally comes this filing revealing that Matze is in hiding now.

What you should know about Parler CEOharingdeadline?

If you are also interested in Parler CEOharingdeadline, then you must know about the story behind Parler CEO hiring deadline.

It all started when tech giant Amazon discontinued its services following the riots in the Capitol. In response to this Parler, a social media platform which is widely embraced by Trump supporters, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon.

Responding to this lawsuit filed by Parler, Amazon filed in another lawsuit claiming that it has “no legal basis” and its employees have been facing threats and harassment.

In an interview with Fox news, Matze talked briefly about the threats he has been receiving. He also said that he would go to any extent to protect his family. In the interview Matze talked about a group named UGNazi and said that they have been targeting him from a long time.

This group also released some crucial information like passwords and personal details of Matze on the internet. He also said that they published his street address on the internet and threatened Matze that they would come on his street.

The storming at Capitol

President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol on January 6. The protest turned violent so soon and at least five people died, including a police officer. This protest was against the legislators who were confirming electoral states from battleground states.

Impact on Parler

The direct impact of this protest related to Parler CEOharingdeadline was on Parler. As the outrage against Trump increased, Amazon, Apple and Google imposed a ban on Parler. As per some media agencies, this ban was imposed on Parler because it was suspected that this social media app worked as a fuel in violence.

Matze took this ban in another way. He said that this was a strategic move by Google, Apple and Amazon to defeat their competition. As per Matze, Parler became successful too fast and this raised an alarming bell for all these tech giants. He also said that “you can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out”.

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