5-Step RConnect User Guide For Login To Rconnect.Ril.Com 

If you are an employee of Reliance Industries and are looking for ways to login into your Reconnect account, then this few minutes’ read is going to be your guide. Rconnect.ril.com is an online HRMS portal created for the employees of Reliance Industries Limited. Through this portal, employees of Reliance can access resources and documents for them. They can download their pay slips, access information about them, and have an eye on their punctuality.  
This portal also provides a platform for employees, stakeholders, and customers of Reliance to collaborate. So before moving on to the full guide related to the login process, let’s first see a brief about the RConnect portal. 

What’s Rconnect For? 

Every organization maintains a database of its employees and other documents. With the introduction of the cloud, this database has been moved online and now employees of the organization can also access those databases and collect information which they need. Rconnect.ril.com is one such database present online. It is designed for the employees, customers, and stakeholders of the Reliance Corporation. 

Employees can log in to this with their ID and passwords and gain access to the information which they need. The services this portal provides include R Connect salary slip, attendance records of employees, leave applications and the list of holidays.  

rconnect.ril.com Login Process 

Logging into the Rconnect portal involves simple steps but it’s important to read them for someone who is logging in it for the first time. Here, we are presenting you a simple step-by-step guide to the rconnect login process.  

  • Open your browser and enter https//rconnect.ril.com/irj/portal-login in the URL section of your browser window. If you are unable to copy this text, then you can also simply visit the official website of RIL Connect. 
  • For doing this, enter ‘ril connect’ on your search engine and hit enter. Click on the link to the official website from the search results.  
  • This will directly take you to the home page of the RIL Connect website. 
  • Here, on your screen, you will see the spaces for your User ID and Password
  • Enter the required credentials and hit the Enter button or click on ‘LOG ON’. 

Downloading and Using RConnect Mobile App 

The mobile application Rconnect is available on Google Play Store.  

  • For downloading the application, first launch Google Play Store on your mobile phone. 
  • Now in the search bar enter ‘R-connect app’. 
  • Select the first app from the list of search results. 
  • Tap on the ‘Install’. 
  • Once the application is installed on your smartphone, launch it. 
  • After it is safely launched, it’ll ask you for your credentials, User ID and Password.  

What If I Forget My RConnect Account Password? 

In case you forgot your RConnect account password and are not able to log in to it, then do not worry. Here’s a simple guide that will help you in resetting your account password. 

  • When you open the official website of the RConnect portal, the screen of the home page is displayed. On the home page, below the section for entering credentials, there’s an option named ‘Click here to Reset/ Unlock your Password’. 
  • Click on this option. 
  • A new window will open. In this enter your registered Email ID. After entering the registered Email ID, click on the ‘Submit’ button. 
  • You will receive an email from Rconnect on this email ID regarding resetting your account password. 
  • Click on this link and enter your User ID and password and answer the security questions. Once you are done with this process, hit on the ‘Reset Password’ button. 
  • For security purposes, RIL will send a verification code to your registered email before actually resetting your account password. 
  • Enter this code and click on ‘Verify’. 
  • Once this process is complete, you can log in to your RConnect account using your new login credentials.  

Features of RConnect Portal 

This portal offers a great alternative for the employees of RIL to check their details online. Here are some features offered by this portal 

  • Salary details of the employees: It contains the salary details of the employees working in RIL. Employees can go to the salary details section and find their current and previous salary details. 
  • Planning for Income Tax: Filing Income tax returns is one of the most tedious tasks for people having a job. The Rconnect portal solves this problem for its members by providing them with an efficient plan for it. 
  • Allowances Information: This portal also contains information about the allowances which are granted to the employees of RIL such as HRA, DA, CA and others. 
  • Pay slip: Employees can download their monthly pay slips from this portal.  

Objectives of The RConnect Portal 

As the world is being digitalized, the RConnect is an initiative by the Reliance Corporation to join hands with the modern world. This service is designed keeping the following objectives in mind: 

  • Keeping the employee data in an organized manner. Maintaining the employee data manually is difficult and a tedious task. RConnect simplifies this by requiring employees to maintain their personal accounts.  
  • Ease of communication of information. Employees do not have to rely on some HR Manager or clerk for their details like salary, income tax and loan details. They can check them on their RConnect account. 
  • Employees can also check their attendance and the list of holidays is also available on this portal which helps employees in planning vacations beforehand.  


If an organization puts up the data of its employees online, it makes it a lot easier for employees to check that data and for the organization to maintain that data. Following this, RIL has introduced rconnect.ril.com for its employees. This article contains various guides related to how to log in to this portal, how to use it on mobile and what to do if you forget your reliance employee login password.  

Along with the guides, we have included a brief introduction to the RConnect portal, its objectives and also the features offered by this portal. This is designed for bringing ease into the lives of RIL employees and also makes information readily available to them. If you want to read more informative content like this, keep following our blog page.  

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