Why ReactJS Development Learning Is Critical in 2023?

Web Development had gone through many iterations and cycles of change before it became highly advanced. Developers in 2023 can use Web 2.0 programming languages to create far more complex websites than ever before.

We’ve even seen HTML5 apps be deployed in enterprise environments over C++ applications. A feat that most web developers couldn’t have imagined even five years ago.

The reason why we see such a revolution is due to React JS Website Development frameworks and other tools like it.

This blog will help you learn about React JS and why it is critical to web development in 2023.

Web Development in the late 90s and 2000s was fairly limited in functionality, speed.

The Web was largely text and images with very little in-built multimedia support. To make it more interactive, Javascript and add ons like Adobe Flash Players were adopted.

However, it was plagued with many issues that slowed down web development and created complexities. Here are just some of the issues faced by developers at that time-

1. Too many security vulnerabilities-

Flash, in particular, was riddled with bugs and security issues. The plug-ins and even Javascript proved to be extremely taxings in terms of computing resources.

2. The client-side compiling-

HTML, CSS, and Javascript all depended on DOM(Document Object Model) technique in the client-side. DOM manipulation proved to be extremely slow and wasn’t particularly effective. You will learn about the reasons later on in the blog. 

3. High learning curve-

While PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) proved to be useful in building server-side websites, it was complicated. A PHP codebase can be highly complex, and the lower compilation performance of PHP can create lag.

Server-side programming for Web proved to be cumbersome until the introduction of ReactJS Development.  

History of React JS? And the benefits it provides to Web Developers

React JS is a Javascript framework that enables Server Side functionality and interactivity to a website. It follows a unique model of DOM management and brings a set of features to make web development easier.

ReactJS was first developed as an internal tool by Jordan Walke, a Facebook employee, in 2010. It was integrated into Newsfeed and Instagram before the project was declared as Open Source in 2013.

Very quickly, an active and vibrant community of developers joined the program to develop it. Nowadays, the framework is considered a web standard, and ReactJS Development skills are highly in demand.

Let’s now learn about the key features that ReactJS provides to developers.

The Brilliance of Virtual DOM Model

A typical DOM model is considered as the framework on which the whole website is built upon. However, it has proven to be fairly slow for interactivity due to one reason:

Whenever a user makes any change, the whole DOM has to be re-rendered to show the change on the screen. Interactivity is something that requires constant change, which leads to issues of slow and ineffective performance.

To solve this issue, the ReactJS Web Development team introduced a novel concept of a Virtual DOM. Let’s look at what happens when a user makes a change-

  1. A Virtual DOM makes a copy of the Real DOM of the website.
  2. A user makes a change, and a new Virtual DOM is created with the update.
  3. ReactJS then looks at the difference between the two and only renders the change occurring on screen.
  4. The Cycle once again repeats every time change happens,

With ReactJS, DOM doesn’t have to re-paint and render the whole page making interactivity much faster. This significantly streamlines the programming process, and websites can run faster natively.

The Drag and Drop Components

Another brilliant feature developed by the ReactJS Development team is the drag and drop object functionality. What it means is that every object that is programmed with the ReactJS framework is sandboxed. You can essentially reuse things like-  

  • Checkbox
  • Button
  • Menu
  • Input menu

In any website, mobile application or custom software application development made with ReactJS Development Software. This feature means extreme ease of use for many website developers when working on Dashboard or large projects.

Imagine how much time it will save you for years to come.

Greater Privacy For Companies

When working in the web development field, many companies demand privacy for the internal codebase.

It is often the IP that a large company feels that they have to protect from competitors.

ReactJS has a good abstraction layer that prevents any user from looking in the codebase. It allows a web developer to comply with the non-disclosure requirements and maintain ease of use.

Other Benefits of ReactJS Development framework

You have now learned about some of the key benefits that it provides to web developers. However, we’ve not even scratched the surface in terms of the benefits ReactJS provides.

Here’s just a quick list of what you can expect with  ReactJS Development-

  • Faster Websocket processing– Websocket is one of the key standards that allows for instantaneous connection between client and server.

ReactJS+ Websockets helps to ensure that a website is fully interactive with minimal latency from both ends. In addition, the drag and drop capability just further makes it easier to add Websocket to a large codebase.

  • Setup Large scale website- Previously, it would be nearly impossible to create a large-scale website.

However, with the ReactJS Development framework creating a large codebase is easier than ever. Within the community pages, React JS tools and objects are available for free to integrate into your platform.

For web developers, it’s easier than ever to write a ReactJS code and run it natively on any platform.   

Final Thoughts

The demand for ReactJS Development is simply going to keep on rising shortly.

If you are a web developer, learning ReactJS is necessary for you to grow in your career. It is a valuable asset to your skillset and will ensure you get hired at a Fortune 500 company.

Maybe you’re a freelance web developer or an entrepreneur with a world-changing idea. then you can try Technology Stack and ReactJS framework is the perfect foundation for you to build your brand and website upon.

Compared to any other codebase, You can cut the number of developers and time required to half.  


It’s time to grow your portfolio and reduce your workload by incorporating ReactJS into your web development process.

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