7 Tips to make your Smart Locks setup smarter

A smart lock is a perfect way to make your home safe, secure, and easy to access! With smart locks, you can be confident that your home is safe even if you aren’t there. There are a few ways to set up your smart lock system.


Smart locks are now affordable and more widely available, but there is still so much more they can do. A few key things can make your smart lock setup smarter.


First, ensure the smart lock you buy is compatible with the other smart devices you already have. Second, find smart locks that don’t need a hub to connect to WiFi. Third, find ways to automate your smart locks Some people can use smart locks to lock their doors as soon as they walk away automatically. Others can use smart locks to automatically unlock or lock their doors when certain people are near. Here are seven tips to make your smart lock setups even smarter.

Second Factor Authentication

You can add a second factor of authentication to your locks. This could be in the form of a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, or even a simple keypad. This will help to ensure that only authorized users can access your locks.

By adding a second authentication factor to your locks, you are securing your home and your possessions. This is a great way to protect your valuables. It is also good to use a reliable locksmith to install the second factor of authentication to your locks.

Having these additional layers of security will make it much tougher for thieves to break into your home.

Lock Management System

You can use a lock management system to track who has access to your locks and when. This can be a great way to keep tabs on your family members or ensure that your employees are only accessing your locks during their scheduled shifts.

A good management system will keep track of which employees have access to what locks and when. It’ll also let you know if your employees are accessing your locks during off-hours and help you keep an eye on how often your locks are getting accessed.

Add Cameras

Cameras are wonderful devices that you can use to keep a close eye on your home when you leave it. A camera can also act as a safety device, as you can see who is approaching your front door before you open it.

This will allow you to monitor the area around your home. If you have young kids or are worried about your children going missing, you can use a tracker to help you locate them! This tracker will also notify you if a temperature within your home reaches a dangerous level. You can also turn on lights and your air conditioning remotely.

Voice Control

Voice control in smart locks is an amazing new feature for an already impressive product. Before, you could only lock and unlock your door with the app, but now you can do it with your voice. This is a useful feature if you want to unlock your door from a distance or if you want to unlock it hands-free.

This feature is available in Smart WiFibox 2 Gateway from welock. This unique WiFi gateway allows you to control your smart lock anywhere. It makes it very easy to control your home security without the need of getting close to your smart lock door.

Motion Sensors

Protecting your home is important. While you’re out, you can add a motion sensor to your door, so you can be alerted if someone is trying to enter your home when you’re not there. It works by tracking any motion headed near the door and alerting your phone.

You can customize it to only alerts you when the motion is about six inches from the door, which will not alert you for pets or insects. Most motion sensors are easy to install, but you can ask your local hardware store for help with installation if needed.

Motion sensors are a great way to prevent would-be burglars from entering your home. You can connect it to a camera or alarm, which will be activated when someone walks in front of it. You can be alerted if someone is trying to enter your home when you’re not there.

Bluetooth Enabled Locks

Many homes are equipped with a variety of electronic appliances today. All of them require, one way or another, an internet connection, and some of them, a stable power supply. The most modern ones include a Bluetooth-enabled lock, among their features.

This option allows you to communicate with your door lock from anywhere. If a visitor tries to enter and it’s not the right time for a meeting, the owner can open the door remotely and let him in. This solution is also beneficial for people who don’t want their mailmen to knock or phone them at awkward hours.

Advanced smart lock doorknob

The advanced smart lock doorknob is a new device that allows you to have more control over your home. You can unlock it with your phone, and it has a pin code for additional security. This is the coolest device you’ll see in the hardware market this year.

This is a high-level, advanced smart lock doorknob. You can unlock it in several ways: the IC card, temporary E-key, pass-code, smartphone app, mechanical key, and smartphone NFC. You’ll get to have access to a wide array of unlocking options.

Not only that, but you can get notifications on your smartphone to stay updated on who is at your door and when they left! Keep your belongings safe and smart!


By using smart home devices and making tweaks to your locks, you’ll be able to make your smart lock setup smarter!

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