Decoding Snapchat Planets: Exploring the Meaning and Order 

Snapchat Planets have become a fascinating feature that sparks curiosity among users. This blog aims to uncover the meaning and Snapchat planet order behind Snapchat’s solar system, shedding light on the significance of each planet and how they relate to the Best Friends List. Let’s dive into the realm of Snapchat and unravel the secrets of this intriguing feature.

Understanding Snapchat Planets

It is connected to the Best Friends List, serving as a visual representation of friendships. Each friend on the Best Friends List corresponds to a planet in your Snapchat solar system.

The Planets of Snapchat feature works by assigning a planet to each friend based on their interactions and activity on the app. The more you engage with a friend, the closer their planet will be to the center of your solar system.

The order and arrangement of planets in the solar system of Snapchat hold significance. The closer a planet is to the centre, the stronger the friendship. The Snapchat planet order reflects the hierarchy of your relationships on Snapchat.

Planets of Snapchat  provide a glimpse into the strength of your friendships. The positioning of planets showcases which friends you interact with most frequently, indicating the closeness and importance of those relationships.

Exploring the Planet Order on Snapchat

The planet order in Snapchat’s solar system follows a specific sequence. Starting from the centre, we have the Sun, followed by Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Each planet represents a different level of friendship and holds its own significance.

The position of each planet in the order carries meaning. The Sun represents your closest friend, while Mercury symbolizes the next level of closeness. Venus signifies a loyal friend, Mars represents a playful companion, Jupiter brings joy and laughter, Saturn represents reliability, Uranus signifies uniqueness, and Neptune represents mystery and excitement.

The planet order in Snapchat’s solar system has an impact on the Best Friends List. The closer a planet is to the Sun, the higher the friend’s ranking on your Best Friends List. The planet order determines the visibility and prominence of friends in your social circle, reflecting the strength and frequency of your interactions with them on the app.

Deciphering the Meaning of Snapchat Planets

Let’s analyze the meaning behind each planet in Snapchat’s solar system and its representation. The Sun, at the centre, represents your closest and most cherished friend. Mercury symbolizes trust and companionship, reflecting a strong bond. Venus signifies loyalty and reliability, representing a friend who is always there for you. Mars embodies playfulness and spontaneity, bringing joy to your interactions. Jupiter symbolizes laughter and happiness, adding a lighthearted touch to your friendship. Saturn represents wisdom and dependability, reflecting a friend you can count on. Uranus represents uniqueness and individuality, while Neptune signifies mystery and excitement.

Each planet carries its own symbolism and characteristics. The Sun represents warmth, radiance, and the focal point of your social universe. Mercury embodies communication, understanding, and the ability to share your thoughts and feelings openly. Venus symbolizes trustworthiness, dependability, and a friend who stands by your side through thick and thin. Mars signifies a playful and energetic companion, someone who brings a sense of adventure to your friendship. Jupiter embodies humour, laughter, and the ability to bring joy and positivity to your interactions. Saturn represents wisdom, reliability, and a friend who offers guidance and support. Uranus signifies individuality, quirkiness, and a unique connection that sets your friendship apart. Neptune represents mystery, excitement, and the thrill of exploring new experiences together.

Having different planets in your Snapchat solar system carries implications for your friendships. The presence of the Sun represents a deep and meaningful connection with your closest friend, indicating a strong and reliable bond. The positioning of the other planets reveals the variety and diversity of friendships in your social circle. The arrangement reflects the dynamics of your relationships, highlighting the friends you interact with most frequently and indicating the levels of closeness and importance within your social network. Each planet adds its own unique flavour and significance, enriching your Snapchat experience and showcasing the diverse connections you have with others.

Unveiling the Secrets of Snapchat best friends list planets

The Best Friends List planets in Snapchat are closely related to Planets. Each friend on your Best Friends List corresponds to a planet in your solar system of Snapchat. The planets in your Best Friends List reflect the friends with whom you interact most frequently, aligning with the positioning of their respective planets in your solar system.

The Planets of Snapchat  best friends list hold significant meaning in your Snapchat experience. They represent the friends you engage with regularly and prioritize in your social interactions. These planets serve as a visual reminder of the connections that matter most to you on the app.

The Best Friends List planets reflect different levels of friendship. The friends positioned closer to the centre of your Best Friends List and solar system of Snapchat are those with whom you have the strongest and most frequent interactions. They are the individuals you consider your closest friends and share a deep bond with. The positioning of friends in the Best Friends List corresponds to the hierarchy of your relationships and the importance you place on each connection.

Tips to Customize Your solar system of Snapchat

A. Customizing your solar system of Snapchat is a fun way to personalize your experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Open the Snapchat app and navigate to your profile.

2. Tap on the “Bitmoji” icon or your profile picture at the top left corner.

3. Scroll down and find the ” Planets” option.

4. Tap on “Customize Solar System” to access the customization settings.

B. Adding and removing planets in your solar system:

1. To add a planet: Tap on the “Add Planet” option and choose a friend from your contacts list. Their planet will appear in your solar system based on their interactions with you.

2. To remove a planet: Tap and hold the planet you want to remove until a trash bin icon appears. Drag the planet to the bin to remove it from your solar system.

C. Personalizing your Best Friends List planets:

1. Tap on the “Best Friends List” option in the customization settings.

2. Here, you can manually select specific friends to feature as planets in your solar system.

3. Tap on “Edit” next to each friend’s name and choose whether you want them to appear as a planet or not.

You can customize your solar system of Snapchat according to your preferences and the friends you wish to highlight. Enjoy creating a unique and personalized visual representation of your friendships on Snapchat!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the order of the planets in my solar system of Snapchat?

–   Unfortunately, the order of the planets is predetermined and cannot be changed manually. It is based on Snapchat’s algorithm and the interactions you have with your friends on the app.

2. Why are some of my friends not appearing as planets in my solar system?

–   Planets only display the friends who have interacted with you on the app recently. If some friends do not appear as planets, it may be because you haven’t had recent interactions with them.


Snapchat Planets offer a captivating glimpse into the dynamics of your friendships on the app. By understanding the meaning and order of the planets, you can gain insights into the strength and significance of your relationships. Customizing your solar system of Snapchat allows you to showcase your closest connections and create a personalized experience. So, embrace the enchanting world of Planets of Snapchat and let your solar system reflect the bonds that matter most to you. Enjoy exploring your own unique Snapchat universe!

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