What to Look for in a Reliable Solar Panel Installation Service

Putting up solar panels is an attractive option for generating energy for your house or company and contributing to the grid, since it eliminates the need to pay exorbitant rates to power providers and reduces your environmental effect.

It’s important to think carefully about your solar company before diving headfirst into the installation procedure. A solar power company’s personnel can point you in the correct path and help you make informed selections. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when you search for a solar panel installation.

Do their installers have NABCEP or other certifications?

These approvals guarantee quality, safety, and excellence. This accreditation represents the pinnacle of achievement for solar industry experts. You should verify that this qualification is held by all of their installers.

The leading causes of fatality in the construction business are falls and electrocution. When installing solar panels on a roof, workers are exposed to falling debris and extreme weather conditions. To become a certified NABCEP PV installer, an organization’s installers must undergo extensive training, which must include instruction on how to protect themselves from harm.

When it comes to systems, how many have they installed thus far?

Let’s be clear: having just one year of experience with in-house installations is not always a deal breaker for solar companies in Los Angeles. Simply increase your scrutiny in the remaining steps of the screening procedure. Although there is no hard and fast rule about how many installations are optimal, most experts agree that anything less than a dozen every year is insufficient.

A company’s ability to claim expertise in solar is mostly contingent on the quantity of its installations. Companies with lower installation minimums may be just starting out, or they may be secondary providers of other services in addition to solar, such as roofing or electrical services. When making such an investment, it’s best to work with someone who has a specific area of expertise in solar energy and a solid track record of satisfied customers.

Do they use outside help or do they do all of the installation themselves?

You need to be familiar with the installers before they start working. Because of the magnitude of this undertaking, it is crucial that you be able to put your faith in the business with whom you are partnering. Generally, larger businesses will handle their own set up. Some organizations just market the systems and contract out the installation to a third party.

It’s not clear that either choice is automatically correct. If they outsource the solar installation to a third party, you have a right to know who it is. You should now do yet another round of screening. All of these concerns may be directed at either the business selling you the system or the company setting it up.

One red flag here is if solar panels companies try to deflect or otherwise misrepresent themselves in response to your query. If they’re forthright, you can learn more about the installation firm and have a better idea of what you’re getting into.

Can they provide you with samples of their previous work?

The work of a skilled builder should be shown with pride, just as it would be by an artist. If they care about performing an excellent job, their previous installations will show that. An honest solar panel installation business would be proud to show you some of their previous work. These things can be seen by everyone, not only experts. Focus on the quality of the work rather than the number or kind of panels you see.

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