5 Ways to Increase Your Home Security While on Vacation

If you, like many others, delayed your vacation in the wake of COVID-19, it may be time to finally escape on that getaway you’ve been dreaming of since the pandemic first locked us away at home.


However, leaving your home for an extended period of time risks unwanted guests breaking in and stealing all your valuables. Especially now when home prices are extremely high, you don’t want to risk burglars causing damage that could reduce the price of your home.


Thankfully, there’s plenty that can be done before you leave in order to keep your home secured. Keep reading for 5 great tips!

Make sure your property appears occupied 

The best way to ensure your home’s safety? Trick burglars into thinking your home is still being occupied to way to make your home safe.

Thieves don’t want to risk running into a homeowner while ransacking the property. In fact, so long as your home seems inhabited, most burglars won’t even consider breaking in.

However, there are plenty of telling signs the residents have disappeared on vacation that you may not be aware of. For instance, while some homeowners remember to ask a neighbor to bring in the mail, they often forget to take care of simple home maintenance before leaving. An overgrown lawn and dying plants are sure signs the home isn’t currently being cared for. In addition to asking a neighbor to take in the mail, take care of all the outdoor maintenance you can think of before leaving for your vacation.

Leave some curtains and blinds open. Closed curtains signify an empty household and are tell-tale signs that you’ve gone away on vacation.

Install a light on a timer switch that’ll switch on and off. Photosensitive bulbs are also available that switch on when a certain level of darkness is reached.

Lock doors and windows securely

While this may seem obvious, most burglars are opportunistic. In fact, the top entry point for burglars is unlocked doors and windows.

Before leaving for vacation, double-check that all your entry points are secured, including even those on the second floor. Most burglars won’t risk setting off an alarm by smashing through a window or door, so locking your property is truly the best way to keep it safe.

Additionally, never leave a key hidden under a doormat. Thieves know where to look, even if you think your hiding place is especially clever. If you want someone checking on your property while you’re away, give them a key to hold onto instead of leaving one that anyone could find.

Remember, having doors and windows that can be properly secured will be super important when you decide to sell your property and search for a new home.

Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday

Outside of immediate friends and family, no one needs to know when you’re leaving or for how long.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your tan once you’re back, but try to keep the details of your trip as secretive as possible.

This includes not updating your socials. Posting your vacation on Instagram and Facebook sounds appealing, but you’ll also be giving burglars and thieves important information they could use in order to break into your property.

Pause all your mail deliveries

As noted, an overflowing mailbox or doormat is a sure sign of an empty property. While you’re away, having a trusted neighbor or friend pop by to pick up your letters and packages may be a simple solution, but only if you’re positive they can be trusted.

To be extra safe, you can ask your local mail carrier to stop delivering your mail for a short period of time.

Simply visit the USPS website, fill out a short form, and they’ll stop all mail from being delivered to your address and hold it until you get back.

Add a security system

Not only will a security system give you peace of mind, but you’ll also be pleased to know that adding a security system to your home will increase your home’s value when it comes time for sale.

Simple security systems can be set up without professional help and include a single camera at your front door that can be monitored from your smartphone. If you’d like a more advanced system, professionally installed, tested, and monitored super systems will give your home extra protection, so you can relax on vacation knowing the professionals are keeping your home safe.

If you’re in the market to add a security system to your home, here are recommended security systems that’ll give you peace of mind:

  • Vivint Smart Home
  • Frontpoint
  • Link Interactive
  • Google Nest
  • Abode

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