How to increase Organic Traffic: 7 ways to improve your blogs for SEO

Wondering how to increase organic search traffic on website? Here, we are going to discuss 7 ways to increase your Organic traffic on blogs using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Organic traffic also known as free traffic means people finding your website through search engine, such as Google, Bing. The main reason why businesses blog, is to increase their keyword ranking and grow their organic traffic.

So, what to write about in your blog?  The answer is to write around your keywords. Since you may want to write about your business, so writing about keywords you want to rank for will help you in SEO.

1.     Be familiar with your target audience


Understanding your target audience is a great way to improvise your contents for them. This can help you build a reputation and evolve with your audience. Fundamentally, you’re understanding their needs and wants to better fascinate them with your content.


2.     Viral Content


To create viral content, you need have a catchy heading which can gain the attention of your audience and have them wonder about the contents of your blog. You need to have longer contents because longer contents are more shareable than the shorter ones and gives you more opportunities for SEO, in terms gaining more traffic.  Longer posts needs to be attractive and engaging if not your audience might lose interest. Here in creating an engaging post our previous point will help you in this that is understanding your targeted audience and improvising your posts according to your audience.


3.     Keywords


If you want to rank higher in the search engines, you have to optimize your posts for it which is also called as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Choosing popular keywords and using them in appropriate locations helps in SEO. Long tail keywords help you boost your rankings means “how to increase organic traffic on website” will fetch you better rankings than “Organic Traffic”. You may include your keywords in the following locations for better SEO:

  • Heading
  • Subheadings
  • Body (in starting 100-200 words)
  • Image names and alt text
  • Summary

4.     Evergreen Topics


Creating posts on new and trending traffic generally does not work for long term as these might get you traffic but short amount of time and after that your post might as well be dead.  So, picking evergreen topics which are relevant over time and are in interest of people can help you gain more traffic and build a loyal audience.


5.        Quality Content


Ranking higher in search engine than your competitors can be done by optimizing your content around your keywords as discussed earlier in third point, it needs to be done in concurrence with creating quality content. Most of the topics on internet are recycled but it is not the problem creating the same content but having something different and new from your competition can help in better SEO.


6.     Promoting your posts


Not getting enough traffic even after writing great content? People won’t just find your you need to promote your content however you can. Asking your connections to share it, sharing on your social media like twitter. When sharing your content on social media like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter you can use specific hashtags to improve the reach of your posts. Add social share buttons help your audience share your posts on various social media sites with just one click which can increase the amount of shares you can get.

Email Newsletters can help your audience get aware of your new posts, creating a prime list of your loyal audience can help you greatly gain you trust and reputation. Try not to bombard your audience with too many mails, this can make your sites reputation bad and will make you lose audience.


7.     Credibility with Links


Using Interlinks and backlinks can help improve your SEO greatly. Interlinking means having link of your other relevant articles on your site and direct them to your other posts in terms making them to stay longer on your site. Try to use different text for your link on your site because doing otherwise can negatively affect your SEO, vary interlink text when directing to the same page.

Backlinks are links from one website to another, having more backlinks help make your site more credible to search engines. Try to create linkable content which can link to quality content and this can be video, survey, blog posts, etc.


The answer to “How to increase organic traffic?” was given in this post try these tips on your blog posts. Remember blogs don’t get organic growth overnight so, have patience and be consistent with your content. Boosting your credibility and relationship with your target audience in the end will help you gain organic traffic.

What are you waiting for go and create some awesome content…..

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