Secure Your Money: Avoid Using Spammy Currency Conversion APIs

Currency is the main element in business trade. The businesses working with international markets require correct information about all the countries’ currency-changing values. Doing business with foreign countries needs tools to deal with global financial markets.

If you have a business that deals with markets worldwide, these tools make it easy and quick for transfer and exchange. These tools are known as currency converter API, and they promote business efficiency by keeping companies updated about currency values.

Currency converter API converts and exchanges at high speed. This also provides you with correct information and helps in making better decisions. It saves you from making unnecessary efforts and waste of time.

APIs are programs that can be integrated into an application or a website to enable currency conversion and exchange by API Markets. It keeps the business owners updated about current rates in the world market. Using currency converter API, you can easily convert the US dollar, British pound, Euro, etc., into other currencies.

APIs can extract information from various currency types to determine their current values and history rates. It has several features that make API user-friendly, and its interface supports many file formats like XML, CSV, JSON, etc., to return the data.

APIs are great for currency conversion, but if you do not use a quality interface, you will likely get spam. So, to understand why you must avoid using spammy APIs, keep reading further.

What are the potential risks of spammy APIs?

APIs have been liable to many potential risks, and the defenders have been trying to fight them off from their applications and websites. The chances mentioned below aren’t new threats but the most common attacks on API.

  • DDoSDistributed denial of service: DDoS makes the website or network inaccessible to the rightful users. This is done by adding traffic to the website more than its capacity. API’s ends have been one of the favorites of DDoS to attack.
  • Man in the middle: attacks often occur when the attackers intercept two communicators. These attackers impersonate the communicators as an invisible proxy between them.
  • Injection: This occurs when the attackers insert a malicious code into the program. It is put where the user is expected to fill in their username and password. SQL injection is a type of code used to extract information and gain control of the SQL database.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS): This type of injection happens when the user, without an idea, helps the attacker insert a code or script. The code is inserted into the web app or the webpage.
  • Credential stuffing: Credential stuffing is when the attacker steals the user’s credentials and uses them on API authentication endpoints. Once the attacker steals the credentials, they access all authorized information and steal more valuable data and money.

These are hazardous and can lead to the loss of highly confidential information and massive currency loss. Thus, strict measures are to be taken to secure your money.

How to secure your money?

Securing your money cannot be taken lightly; spammy currency converter API can be dangerous if you do not abide by these precautions.

Put security first

Prioritize security; focus mainly on this point. This is regarding your business and money, so make no compromises. Organizations have too much to lose with spammy unsecured APIs, so always ensure your API is entirely secure.

Use strong authentication

Since APIs allow the organization’s information to enter, thus the companies must protect their data strictly. Strong authentication can help with this matter. The authentication is usually broken when APIs do not enforce it. Always use solid, proven authentication before proceeding.

Inventory your API and manage it

Usually, organizations have dozens of public APIs. Currency conversion API needs to be strictly handled. Secure your APIs by conducting a perimeter scan and inventory them to manage.

Currency converter APIs should be managed with utmost priority.

Remove unnecessary information

API is a developer’s tool so it can have information to passwords, keys, and other important information. Clear this information before the API is made public. At times this step is overlooked, but the organizations must understand the underlying risks of leaving this data in it.

Encrypt traffic using TSL

Organizations consider some of the less sensitive data-sharing APIs harmless. In comparison, currency conversion API has very delicate information and should consider TSL encryption. Especially if you share data like banking, security, credit card information, etc.

The Bottom Line

Securing your money is necessary for any situation. Most importantly, if it is a business as businesses deal with a lot of sensitive information and money. Exchanging currency and converting it needs high-end security as it is an international matter and is a spammer’s highest target.

Understanding the functions of currency converter API and how to manage it can help secure your data and money. Always choose a reliable API after completing research for your business currency exchange.

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