Here’s Why Content Marketing Should Be The Backbone For Your Online Business

The digital content marketing landscape is evolving, and being new to it can be challenging. Maybe you have recently developed a website for your business, but you fail to bring in visitors. Or you want to promote your existing website to the right audience.

One approach can disintegrate discrepancies in your marketing campaigns. And that is high-quality and consistent content marketing.

The content marketing goal is to build trust and improve conversion rates by developing long-lasting relationships and Content Marketing Strategy. That is why 91% of B2B enterprises and 86% of B2C marketers utilize this as a powerful tool for customer retention.

Are you intrigued enough to know why content marketing should be the backbone of your company? Read on!

The traditional form of marketing talks about promoting yourself to the world based on what you do. On the other hand, content marketing shows and proves your awesomeness to the world.

Ideally, Digital content marketing deals with the creation and publication of content to your targeted audience.

As Jamie Turner once said, “The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘Tis was written specifically for me.”

You do not always have to do content marketing by yourself. Companies like WrittenlyHub can be your avenue for a successful and everlasting content marketing campaign. Furthermore, if you harness their content marketing services, you can relax and spend time on other business processes.

A great example would be Coke’s “Share a Coke” marketing campaign. Here, consumers had the opportunity to personalize drinks.

So, what did they do? They took popular Australian names (about 150 of them) and printed them on bottles.

It was successful because of the personalization the campaign offered. Therefore, everyone got the chance to feel special – that is what we call true content marketing.

Top 5 Benefits of Content Marketing – Why Use Content Marketing for Your Online Business?

60% of the B2C marketers will tell you how content can support your marketing campaigns. Indeed, there are numerous benefits that you can reap from this.

Take a look.


  1. You Can Harness Audience Retention/Strengthen Relationship

What do you think happens when an audience hates your website? They click off it!

It usually happens due to minimal adherence to user experience. However, in 50 milliseconds, your leads will lose interest if the content does not read appealing. 

That is why it is important to use great digital content marketing as an asset.

With this, you can create a positive experience for visitors and turn them into potential customers. Moreover, you can strengthen the existing relationship by offering authentic content.

Indeed, the right content can compel leads to become prospects.

For example, Canva Design School has made it its mission to educate its audience through evergreen content. The website offers values and resources to the targeted people based on their interests.

So, they get something out of visiting the website. Due to this, there is a positive brand impression that helps in retention.


  1. Enhances Your Brand Visibility/Awareness

Why can’t your website rank on Google? It is mainly because of poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO). About 68% of online experiences begin with Google.

Hence, it is essential to have a functioning on-page SEO for your website.

That is why you require good content marketing services to help you target the right keywords.

We believe that SEO is the technical reason behind serving your audience with great content. Therefore, you need to utilize the targeted keywords to rank higher on google since only 0.78% of people go to the second page.

Content marketing will advertently enhance your brand visibility, in turn generating organic website traffic.

A great example of good content optimization would be Aireserv’s long-tail keyword usage. In a blog post, they used long-tail keywords as subheadings to increase their Google ranking.


  1. Cost-Effective but High Returns

Did you know content marketing costs 62% less than traditional? Even then, it can reap three times more benefits in the form of leads and customer retention.

If you post consistent content enriched with proper SEO, then you can gain huge ROIs.

With digital content marketing, you can capture attention from huge crowds even if your business is small. However, you have to understand that a successful campaign can become time-intensive and require immense effort.

You can take Buffer’s Open Blog, for example. Even though they have a growing community, they utilize a cost-effective way to create awareness.

Buffer harnesses transparency and invokes them in their blogs.

Due to this, customers get intrigued and find the required information on the website itself. Moreover, it also enhances their SEO and offers value to their website.


  1. You Can Build a Trusting Essence for Website Visitors

Without trust, your brand will not stand a chance in this market. That is why you need to harness content marketing in digital marketing to offer original content and improve conversion rates.

What if your offerings are great, but your platform does not appeal to customers?

Indeed, great content will act as a powerful tool for building a trustable business.

When they read valuable content, they will understand your brand values and your products.

Reading your content will invoke an opinionated view of your brand. Hence, having a good content marketing strategy will help positively align their thoughts.

A true essence in your content will only bring in intrigued customers to your website.

Microsoft Stories tells compelling brand stories to the audience. It helps in connecting and building a stronger relationship with them. Consequently, it acts as a video content marketing strategy that invokes the true essence of a company to enhance brand awareness.


  1. Great Content Makes You Unique

What is it that makes your brand unique? The story you tell.

With the help of digital content marketing, you can create a unique presence in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Strong content encompasses a brand image that intrigues the customers to buy your products. Furthermore, you can look into your customer needs and create something that appeals to that demographic.

Injecting custom content into your website will offer a helpful resource to your audience. It can also help with your SEO and bring in new prospects.

GoPro introduced visual content that helped boost traffic.

It was a unique approach that utilized high-quality products focused on their user demographic. Therefore, they created a personal connection on an outstanding level with their customers.

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy?

We informed you about the benefits of content marketing. Now, you should know how to create the perfect content marketing goal.

  • Create a roadmap with your mission and goals
  • Understand your audience
  • Start with a blog and mention a CTA
  • Harness social media content marketing
  • Create a newsletter

Other than that, you should create a content calendar, read reviews and make your content variable.

The Bottom Line

Having a positive online presence can be easy with suitable digital content marketing campaigns. If we were to define content marketing, it would go something like this – the innate ability to create high-quality and consistent content on a website.

It helps in retaining customers and standing out in the industry. Moreover, it is cost-effective but brings in massive ROI for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and harness the right services to stop hampering your success rates.

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