Is SEO a good digital marketing strategy?

In the modern time of technology, where the world is getting virtually connected, digital marketing has become an essential tool for promoting its products and services. People nowadays are more active on digital platforms and making more and more use of them. Virtual learning has proved a boon to society and its people. People display and advertise their products and services through digital means, and hence the concept of digital marketing has grown to a large extent. Digital marketing makes use of electronic devices and promotes online business. Tablets, PCs, mobile phones, or other devices are used extensively for promotion. There are various forms of promotional marketing. Some of them include online videos, social media ads, display ads, and likewise. Television advertisements and traditional marketing are different from digital marketing.

In layman’s terms, digital marketing is also known as online marketing. Electronic media and the internet act as a medium to promote business-oriented brands. Thus, many potential customers get engaged, hence attracting more web traffic to the web page. The digital marketing service provider- such as Webpuzzlemaster, can get you up to speed on your business needs and website optimization with SEO strategies.

The digital marketing curve has grown important for business. Similarly, search engine optimization or SEO has also become an integral part of the success of an organization. It isn’t easy to imagine the success of digital marketing without the aid of search engine optimization. That is why, there are many young professionals who want to master SEO skills. To start, SEO for Beginners course can be the best option.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is used to gain traffic from organic, editorial, free, and natural search results. It helps improve the website’s ranking based on the website’s traffic. The higher the website’s listing, the more the number of people that will see the website, and it will be at the top of the search results, thus making it visible to the target audience. SEO is generally based on unpaid traffic, i.e., natural or organic rather than paid traffic. Unpaid traffic originates from images, videos, news searches, etc.

SEO is used to gain traffic and rank at the top position in search engines results. Nowadays, SEO is considered an important digital marketing strategy, and hence there arises the requirement of a good SEO strategy.

The process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from a search engine is known as search engine optimization. Unpaid may originate from various searches, such as image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engine

A few elements which are to be considered for optimizing a web page are as follows:

  1. The content quality
  2. level of user engagement
  3. Mobile-friendliness
  4. Quality and the number of inbound links.

Optimizing for local 

Local SEO tends to be useful and budget-friendly for small businesses and local shops. By optimizing for local SEO, small businesses get a better opportunity to get highlighted and ranked in search engines, thus eliminating the need to compete virtually with other enterprises.

Speeding up your website

In today’s competitive world, even time has got money value, and hence speed of the website defines the value of the website. If the website is not updated and speed boosted, it might not give the desired results in the required time to the users, who might be frustrating to the users, and hence he might not want to visit the website again. Thus chances of page bounce rate are high, which might lead to failure of your website’s success. Since people might switch to another website if the page takes too long to load or respond, thus it might impact the number of the target audience. Boosting the website’s speed can reduce the custom fonts, compress the image, or cut down on redirects. It may sound easy from this brief description, but it takes real skill to optimize a website.

Creating optimized landing pages

For generating leads and conversations, optimized landing pages have been a blessing. It is an effective tool with the following features a strong headline, clear offer,  great image, call to action. A landing page must be able to help us with lead generation efforts.

YouTube SEO

Youtube has become one of the best mediums for digital marketing. Compared to Google, YouTube ads have become a popular means on google and other platforms. Thus, we can add thumbnails, captions or subtitles or images, and trending hashtags to attract more and more audiences. All these things will increase the reach of our content and ultimately increase the site traffic for your website.

Guest posting

Guest posting has become an outdated concept, and some believe it to be dead. Still, it remains a potent tool for digital marketers. For example, when we post on another person’s website with their permission, our main objective is to target a new audience. On the other hand, if we accept guest posts, it will allow us to benefit from the traffic the guest posters will bring while checking the content from their favorite creator, which contributes to our site. Thus, people might visit our site more often and frequently if they like the content.

Mobile SEO

As the telecom sector has progressed a lot, we can see that mobile users have significantly increased compared to desktop users, thus forcing digital marketers to check that their websites are compatible for mobile use. The study reported that more than half the internet traffic comes from mobile users who are expected to increase in the coming future. Hence it has not become essential for digital marketers to make their site responsive to capture and profit from the massive Mobile users.

Keyword research

It is the foundation stone of search engine optimization. Keyword research is not just limited to SEO, even though it is linked to optimization from the beginning. Luckily, today there is ample keyword research tool available for digital marketers, such as google keyword planner or ahrefs keyword explorer. Keywords guide a good digital marketing strategy at every stage, thus making keyword research an integral part of SEO.


Thus, SEO as a digital marketing strategy can be achieved by obtaining a post-graduate certificate in digital marketing. Obtaining a certificate in this course will make you an expert in digital marketing and improve your credibility. Online courses are also available for virtual learning.

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