Why it’s Time to Start Automating Excel Workflows

Managing workflows in an organization can be a daunting task. This is so especially if it is a huge organization with a lot of data. Thankfully, data handling and organization are getting easier as days go by. Technology is advancing and playing a critical role in data management.

An excellent example of software proving effective for data management is Microsoft Excel. Many organizations today rely on it for almost everything they do. It is an excellent organization tool that makes handling and storing large data sets easier than any other tool.

Besides, Microsoft Excel also helps data handlers automate different tasks. There are various repetitive processes that people have to do when dealing with data. Research shows that 12% of Excel sheets contain mistakes. Most errors happen because repetitive tasks can be boring.

Thus, automating them becomes a good idea. But, there’s a lot that you should know if you have never automated Excel workflows before. This includes integrating Excel with automation platforms to simplify work. That’s what this article will help you understand.

Here’s everything you need to know about integrating Excel with automation platforms.

Automation isn’t a new concept in the business world. Many companies have been considering it over the last few years. But not every business out there uses automation, especially together with Excel. But the reality is that automating Excel workflows is worth looking into as a company.

The first step towards ensuring high productivity is by leveraging technology. You can connect with the best platform such as workflow software which is an excellent choice that allows you to create interactive workflows, approval flows, & automate processes. But not everyone knows how they work. And not all people know how they can make the most of them.

Some people do not even know that it is possible to integrate platforms with Excel. But this is already a lifesaver for business owners who know how it can benefit them. And one way that it does is by helping them reduce their workload, especially when using Excel.

A good background on how this works can help you as a business owner. It will help to know the various automation platforms you can integrate with Excel. This should help you start reducing workloads and save time. You can then focus on improving other areas of your business.

Popular Microsoft Excel Integrations

As said before, learning the various integrations you can make on Excel is a key step. It will help you know the integrations you need to make to increase productivity. Also, it will ensure you focus on Excel integrations that will benefit your workforce and business. They include:

  1. Microsoft Flow Integration in Excel

Data is an essential tool for any organization, big or small. You need to ensure it gets handled, organized, and stored properly as a business owner. Otherwise, you might not get the desired results from it. For instance, you might not be able to make informed business decisions.


But there’s a lot of data to handle, especially if you manage a large organization. You can use automated Excel workflows to manage this data.This includes gathering and organizing data from feedback platforms. This will ensure data consolidation is fruitful and with little or no errors.

  1. Sync Google Calendar Events

There’s a lot that you might be having on your calendar. And staying at the top of your schedule can be a daunting task. The best way to do it is by using Google Calendar and integrating it with Microsoft Excel. This will make it easy for you and your team to keep up with all planned events.


You can also easily create new calendar events easily using this calendar. Or, you can let the software automatically update your calendar with new events. This will save you time and help reduce human errors in your calendar. In the end, you’ll not forget important calendar events.

  1. Facebook Lead Ads & Microsoft Excel Integration

You also should stay updated with the latest data from your social platforms. This is what this feature will help you do almost effortlessly. It will help you gather and consolidate this data then visualize it. In the end, you’ll be able to create reports that you can use for decision-making.


This integration will save you time because it will automatically update new leads. You can set up ads and leave the work of gathering data from them to this tool. Also, you can personalize it and only see data that you want. This will make it easier for you to get the desired results.

  1. Salesforce to Microsoft Excel Integration

It is also possible to export salesforce leads to Microsoft Excel. Every new contact you have can get updated into Excel without following the lengthy manual processes. This integration will also create and keep a copy for you. This will make it easier to access the lead details you want.


Also, it is possible to use this integration when working with different data sets. It doesn’t have to always be leads or contacts. You can export new opportunities and any other custom data. This makes this integration essential as it can benefit various aspects of your business.

You Should Consider Automating Your Excel Workflows Today

Most businesses are already leveraging the power of Excel workflow automation. But then, there are business owners who are skeptical about trying it. If you are one of them, we hope this article helped change your mind. Every business that wants to stay ahead of competitors needs technology. You can learn it by MS Excel Courses.


You should start adopting technology in your business today. And we have provided examples of the platforms you should prioritize while at it. All these platforms play a role especially in data gathering and management. This can be data from various sources including social media.


But the bottomline is that automating Excel workflows should be top on your priority list. You need it to save time and increase productivity. You can check the integrations we’ve listed above and see which one will be most beneficial to your business and start implementing it today.

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