Tubed Packaged goods- Types, packaging process and benefits

Have you ever seen the packaging of toothpastes, ointments, creams, face-washes, hair gels or sauce-packets? They are usually packed inside a plastic tube like structure with a cap on their top. These goods are known as tubed packaged goods. Tubed packaging is generally used for packing thick liquids. The tubes are available in different shapes and sizes. Not just the tubes, but tube closures too are available in number of varieties too. Not only this, they are an eco-friendly alternative too as we will see further in this article. With wide range of options and benefits available, tubed packaged goods have become one of the most preferred options.  

Based on the material which is filled inside, tubes are made up of different kinds of materials. Some of the popular tubed packaged goods are:

  • Tube having an ophthalmic tip.
  • Sealed tube.
  • Open buttress tube made up of aluminum.
  • Break off tip tube.
  • Aluminum chalking tube.
  • Remove the tip tube.
  • Eco-friendly Kraft mailing tube.
  • Soft plastic squeeze tube.

How the tubed packaged goods are processed?

The processing of tubed packaged goods is mainly determined by the product being packed inside them. This packaging can be done by using various layers of aluminum, plastic or ceramics.

The process-

  • Initially, the web stock is fed into a machine that forms rolls.
  • Now, these rolls are then converted from flat to the shapes of various parameters. These parameters are also generally set according to the materials being packed inside the tube.
  • Now for converting the material into the tubes of desired shapes, high frequency heat is required.
  • After these tubes are formed, these are moved to the cutting stations for cutting them into the desired shapes.  

Advantages of Tubed Packaged Goods

  • Brands your product effectively

Almost all the brands who use supply their products in tubed packaged goods print the logo or emblem of their company on the top of the tube cap. Also, the logo is printed on the tube body or a sticker is used for printing. In this way, a simple tube can be used for the branding of your product.

If you want that the printing lasts long and is not affected during transportation or due to weather conditions, then choose some package supplier who can print the information in a way that its both scratch resistant and lasts long.


  • Protects the products from direct sunlight or sun’s rays

The cosmetics or beauty products include varieties of chemicals. These products required extensive care as per the manufacturer’s instruction otherwise these can get damaged easily. Protecting these products from sunlight is very important as long exposure of these products to sunlight will damage them. Thus it is important that these products are packed inside tubes which prevent sunlight from entering.

High quality tubes which use the materials like plastic or aluminum are employed for this purpose.


  • Keep your organic products safe

             If the tubes you are using for the packaging are not of good quality, then there is a chance that the material inside starts to leak. This will contaminate the product. It is very important to keep this thing in mind for the packaging of organic products such as Aloe Vera gel, honey, tomato gel, cucumber gel and others.

If high quality material is not used for tubed packaging of such products then it will definitely affect the quality of the product.


  • Inner lid seal for freshness

In tubed packaged goods, an inner lid seal is provided to ensure the freshness and quality. This seal is of aluminum foil paper, aluminum metal or it is of plastic. This seal ensures the customer that the freshness of the product is intact and the quality has not been tampered with.


  • Get comprehensive data about the product

One of the advantages of tubed packaged goods is that they provide information about the product inside in a short and comprehensive manner. All the ingredients of the product, directions to use, dosage (sometimes), information about the company, manufacturing and expiry dates all of this can be printed on a short cylindrical tube. This gives it an edge above other kinds of packaging and makes tubed packaging one the favorite choices of manufacturers.


As this section discussed the advantages of tubed packaged goods with you, the next section will throw some light on the other side, the drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Tubed packaged goods

  • With many advantages that attract manufacturer’s attention, there are some disadvantages of tubed packaged goods too. These drawbacks include:

    • Due to corrosion, tubes start leaking or break easily.
    • Tubes which have expired can be hazardous to use.
    • All the tubes are not capable of resisting the heat and this will damage the product inside.
    • Sometimes, the material sticks on the walls of the tubes and due to narrow opening you cannot use it. Thus that material is wasted.


Some common examples of Tubed packaged goods

  • As we have discussed about the types of tubes, how they are processed and their pros as well as cons, let’s discuss about some common examples of tubed packaged goods.

    • Toothpastes: This product is mostly packed in tubes. Pick up toothpaste of any company and there is a high chance that you’ll find it inside tubed packaging. The narrow opening of the tube also makes it easier to apply it on toothbrush.
    • Face scrubs, face-wash and gels: These products come inside tubed packaging due to various reasons. First, the strong tubed packaging prevents the harmful UV rays from damaging the product. Second, manufacturers can print a range on information about the product on the tube.
    • Chips and eatables: Some chips manufacturers also use cylindrical tubes for packaging their product. The seal inside these tubes ensures that the product being used is fresh and eatable. The information about the product such as manufacturing date, expiration date and information about the manufacturer is provided on such tubes.
    • Sunscreens: Majority of sunscreen brands use tubed packaging for their product. The SPF and other information is mentioned on the tube for buyers.
    • Ointments: This medical product majorly comes in tubed packaging as the narrow opening in the tubed packaging makes it easier to apply it on the desired spot.

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Summing it all up

We saw what different kinds of tubes are used for packaging. Then we had a look at the processes involved in the manufacturing of these tubed packaged goods.

We also discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of tubed packaged goods. In the last section of the article we looked at some products of daily use which come in tubed packaging.

Tubed packaging is becoming one of the most popular types of packaging and is definitely successful in grabbing manufacturer’s attention. Tubed packaged goods are also known to promote more freshness and quality. The methods for protecting the products inside tubed packaging are also very effective. In our day to day lives, a lot many products we use are packed inside tubes.

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