Bagged Packaged Goods – Advantages, Types and Benefits (Updated)

Nowadays retail business is increasing very fast all among the world and that the demand of  Bagged Packaged Goods is also boosting up. The secret behind the speedy improvement of retail business is their concern to their customers’ satisfaction, review and experience, to them nothing matters more than a customer and for that as they are improving their products day by day, packaging is also another most important thing that they always should take care of. So, to satisfy a customer goods and the packaging both are equally important . There are variety of bagged packaged goods depending on the product – can packaging, box packaging, tray packaging, paperboard boxes, paper bags, polythene bags, cloth bags etc.

Bagged Packaged Goods are very demanding these days and also safe and comfortable. Customers ‘good review and trust are the only reason behind the speedy improvement of the retail business. But, though, we all often use this words ‘Bags & Packages’ maybe we never tried to define it properly, if I ask you this then what could be your reply about it !? Maybe many of you will answer that both are the same because we use both to carry our products, so many will say we use these to protect our products. Yeah! Actually both answers are right. But there are differences between bags and packages –

  • Bags are like open container where packages are sealed.
  • Packages are hard where bags are soft in comparison to package.
  • Bags has chain where packages are sealed with heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, jaw design etc.
  • Packages are safe than bags.
  • Packages are not comfortable to carry in hand, people needs bag to carry a package comfortably from one place to another.
  • Though both bags and packages are so cheap, but packages are more cheap than bags. So packages are much affordable than bags.
  • Bags are more durable than packages. We can use bags for long term to any kind of goods.
  • People can also use card-board packages for decoration. By cutting and crafting paper packages or card board packages they can make photo frame, butterflies, dream- catcher etc. to decorate their sweet house.
  • Also bags are washable but packages are not washable.

Features bags and packages –


Definition- It is a container where we can set every type of product properly.

Features of Bags-

  • Easy to carry – Importance of a bag is something that nobody needs to say. Every time when we go to any , shop, grocery shop, garment shop, medical shop, or to cosmetic shop we try to carry our things in a bag it is very much comfortable.
  • Flexible – In a bag we can store every kind of goods, milk can, water bottle, rice packet, biscuit packet, also sometimes we use to keep our purse there.
  • Attractive – Bags are also attractive. In the market we get so many printed bags, beautiful shoulder bags etc. which are so attractive and stylish to carry.
  • Reusable and washable – Another most important point is it is reusable, after carrying a particular product we can store the bag in our house and can use it for another purposes for carrying another products. Bags which are made of clothes are washable also which is a very beautiful option for customers.
  • Affordable- Bags are very cheap that everyone can buy it without hesitation.


 Definition- A little difficult to define it in sentence. It is a container where the products are being packaged, for example- a chips’ packet or a packet of biscuits, a packet of sugar, packet of dates etc.

Features of Packages-

  • Safety – Bags are made extra strong that it can protect the product and deliver to the customer safely. For example in bagged packaged goods plastic packages are very strong and also waterproof so the goods within it arrive safely to the customer.
  • Protection- In the matter of ‘Bagged Packaged Goods’ protection and safety are the points which come first in the list because a package during the procedure faces so many difficulties before reaching to its destination. That’s why retailers always take special care of packaging for customer’s happiness which plays a great role in their business.
  • Attractive- Attractive packaging attracts customers. So attractive is another most important feature of packaging. An attractive packaging always makes a good impression for both the company and the product. So attractive packaging is very much helpful for business.
  • Reusable- After receiving the package along with the product it can be used as container for store necessary goods. It is also a helpful and positive feature of bagged packaged goods.
  • Travel Friendly and Cheap- Packages are very much cheap and affordable for all. And also travel friendly one can carry it comfortably in his/her any kind of bag .
  • Light weight- As packages are made of paper, paperboard, cardboard etc. these are very light weighted.

What are the different types of packaging in bagged packaged goods -

There are many types of packaging, main three packaging types of bagged packaged goods are  – 1. Primary packaging 2. Secondary Packaging, 3. Tertiary Packaging. In the following I have described the types in short-

  1. Primary Packaging – In bagged packaged goods this is very much common packaging, this is a kind of packaging where a single packet is used for packing the product, the packet can be made of plastic or paper. Customers can easily get the necessary goods by opening the packet, and on the outside of the packet also there can be written the instructions that how to use the product, expiry date, customer care number etc. for example, Horlicks packet, Cornflakes packet etc.

  2. Secondary Packaging This is mainly used  after the primary packaging to pack more than one or two goods or to protect only a single product for its safe arrival to the customer. This type of packaging made of paperboard cartoons, cardboards, plastic crates etc. This can be described as the second layer of primary packaging to protect the necessary goods from damage.
  1. Tertiary Packaging – Tertiary Packaging is a hard and protective type of packaging, this is best for transport and handle the package from one side to another of a country or sometimes one point to another point of the world for business of bagged packaged goods. Tertiary Packaging is also known as bulk packaging or transit packaging.
  1. Ancillary Packaging- The word ancillary means ‘accessory’ so in this packaging accessories are packaged. Like, any equipment, any electronics materials like printer, motherboard, monitor, speaker or mike, ink, photo-paper etc.

These are the main packaging types, below I have discussed some other types of packaging-

  • Paperboard Packaging – These are very common packaging. Light weighted, so protective, light proof, and also pollution proof. Paperboard packagings are commonly used to package foods, cereal products, juices, milk, cosmetic products etc.
  • Cardboard Packaging – Cardboards are hard than paperboards, it has three layers where paperboards are made of one layer. Cardboards are reusable and durable than paperboard packages, these are very much useful in  retail business of  bagged packaged goods.
  • Corrugated Box – In bagged packaged goods corrugated boxes are often used for pack necessary products that can be broken easily. As corrugated boxes are made of the same materials as cardboard but these boxes are long lasting because of its structure and thickness, also people can use it for their decoration or these boxes can also be used for planting trees.
  • Plastic Boxes- More useful for customers and also much more durable than the above options. Nowadays as plastic boxes are hard they are also best option for reuse. Plastic boxes are good for transporting from one place to another.
  • Rigid Boxes- These are really very unique, rigid boxes are made of hard cardboards or paperboards and the inner part of it sometime contains leather, soft clothes, stylish fabrics, bright printed papers etc. these boxes are for luxury usage.
  • Chipboard Packaging – This is similar to paperboard & cardboard packaging, easy to fold and cut, and it’s size is dependent on the product. Chipboard packaging is cheap and light weighted, this packaging system used very often in bagged packaged goods.
  • Tray Packaging – This is made of paperboard & cardboard. This is used to identify the number of products and quantities. This is safe, comfortable and reusable. Tray package is another unique packaging in bagged packaged goods.
  • Shrink Packaging – This is used to wrap goods. It is tight and also affordable. One of the best thing is only heat and plastic is needed for this type of packaging.
  • Vaccum Packaging- It is also made of plastic, and in this type of packaging air is removed and the product is sealed. Vaccum packaging is used for bagged packaged goods, mainly package foods like vegetables, meat etc.
  • Preservation Packaging – Preservation packaging is made of both materials of shrink and vaccum packaging. Preservation Packaging adds aluminum cans and jars packaging, keeping the good fresh and protected is the only aim of this Packaging. Preservation packaging adds another value to bagged packaged goods.
  • Shock Mount Packaging- In bagged packaged goods this type of packaging mainly used for pack electronics materials because they are expensive and also very sensitive things, thus to protect electronic materials from vibration, moisture and dust they are packages in shock mount packaging. It prevents the product from unwanted shock it is made of shock absorber.
  • Clamshell Packaging- This is also like a box where the container has two part made of basically thermoform, plastic & paperboard and joined to each other similarly like a box. In this type of packaging the product is in direct touch with the packaging. For example we can see clamshell package of burger or screws or strawberry etc. This clamshell packaging is also known as “Hinged Packaging”.
  • Bottles and Jars- Bottles or jars are only used to keep liquid sealed products. In jars or bottles the liquid are safe and also bacteria proof. They are made of high density plastic sometimes low density plastic & glass.
  • Poly Bags- Poly bags are very much common, reusable and durable. These are waterproof but not hard .One can use it to carry many kind of products like, vegetables jars, creams etc.
  • Foil Sealed Bags- These bags are bright and also flexible, light weighted bags. This bags are used keep mainly fast foods and in this foil sealed bag food remains hot. These are not toxic.
  • Thermoform Packaging- In thermoform packaging a thermoform plastic is transformed into needed shape by heat, pressure and vaccum. Some materials for thermoform packaging are- 1. ABC, 2.CAB, 3. EVA, 4.EXPANDED PVC, 5.THERMOPLASTIC SHEET etc.
  • Crates and Pallets –  Crates and pallets are more durable and usable basically crates are best for transporting and to protect the necessary goods.  These are made of wood and high density plastic. On crates and pallets many things are possible to transport together without any tension of damaging.

These are some of the common packaging types which are used in bagged packaged goods, I just tried to mention and describe in short .

Some common materials used for packaging products are mentioned in the following –

  1. Plastic
  2. Glass
  3. Aluminum
  4. Paper
  5. Cardboard
  6. Cotton
  7. Steel
  8. Clay
  9. Wood

Advantages of Bagged Packaged Goods 

  1. The advantages of bagged packaged goods are they are very easy to use and a trustable packaging system.
  2. As the bagged packaged goods are cheap they are also take care of product’s protection.
  3. Another benefit of these packaging systems is that after receiving the package customers can use them for storing necessary things, making crafts, planting trees etc.
  4. Bags which are made of clothes are washable which is also a helpful feature of bagged packaged goods.
  5. Bagged packaged goods are also convenient and time saving.
  6. As the packaging is made for the protection of the necessary good packaging is so hard. Bagged packaged goods are made for transport.

Some retail companies are putting their efforts to improve packaging because packaging and the ordered product contains same value and also left a good impression on the customer. That’s why the demand of bagged packaged goods is increasing day by day all along the world.

Last words about bagged packaged goods-

To sum up the article, we can say that Bagged Packaged Goods are very much cheap, trustable and safe for both product and the customer. Here I hope you will get every possible enquiry about packaging. In bagged packaged goods as customer will get the guarantee about the safety of the product also the packaging styles are made unique by the company. Though some packaged materials are not much easy to open for the customers but they are so good for transporting, from one place to another. If this article is helpful for you do share this and leave your views in the comment box.

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Most frequent questions and answers

These are mainly used for taking the amount of food needed to avoid any excess amount. Food of any type can be packaged such as meat, dry goods, dairy products. The bags are preferred because these are environment friendly and are easy to recycle.

There can be different types of bag packaging: 

  • Chipboard Packaging 
  • Polythene Bags 
  • Corrugated Boxes 
  • Paperboard Boxes 

Bag packaging of foods is an effective method and certain types of packaging has been developed. 

  • Paperboard Boxes 
  • Foil Sealed Bags 
  • Plastic Boxes 
  • Polythene Bags 
  • Rigid Boxes 
  • Chipboard Packaged Boxes 
  • Cardboard Packaged Boxes 

The best packaging has features like light weight, easy to recycle and cheap. Although almost all the materials used for packaging are chosen by keeping the mentioned features in mind, paperboard packaging is the most popular one among all kinds of packaging. 

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