6 Tips and Hacks to Travel on a Budget

Are you still putting your dream travel on hold due to a restricted budget? Is your current financial crunch stopping you from flying to a faraway destination? Money doesn’t have to get in your way of taking that long-stalled trip. Fortunately, visiting exotic places and travelling to dream locations now don’t cost a fortune. You simply need to plan wisely to get everything in place. Many travel enthusiasts hop from one country to another on a tight budget, thanks to their detailed research and awareness.

Here are 6 useful tips that can help you follow in their footsteps and explore the world without straining your pockets.

Plan Well Before Time

Spontaneous travel plans sound exciting and adventurous but only when you have enough time and money to spare. If you have a restricted budget, then planning your trip well before one to two months is essential. No need to plan an hour-by-hour itinerary, but get an idea of how long the trip will be, the days you will be spending at each destination, the route you will take, and other basic things. This will not only ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest but will help allocate your trip budget wisely too. Moreover, it will mitigate the chances of unexpected spending and get you the best deals on accommodation and flights.

Also, timely planning helps you anticipate unforeseen situations, and if anything goes wrong, especially with your finances, you will have the option to arrange for urgent funds. There are many personal loan apps in India who provide short-term travel loans so you can embark on your journey without any worries.


Get Travel Insurance

Telling you to shell out additional money for budget trips sounds contradictory, right? Well, travel insurance has been a debatable topic, and many hardly use it. However, the consequences of saving a few bucks can be severe. We don’t want to scare you, but accidents and medical emergencies come unannounced, and being prepared financially would only help you. Think of travel insurance as an investment that can save you a huge cost in the future if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation. So, avoid risks and get yourself covered; the good news is it’s not too expensive these days.


Look Beyond Apps

You can find a myriad of apps and websites that guarantee budget travel at the lowest price without compromising on the quality of accommodation and fun. These online portals have become the first choice for many travellers to book flights and hotels. There is no denying that these new-age digital platforms offer the best deals and discounts, but they mostly cover popular destinations. These apps hardly cater to people who want to explore new and hidden places. Hence, it’s good to look outside these apps and do your research to see what more you can find. Check if you can find cheaper hotels and flights through direct booking before involving a third party.


Book Shared Dorms

Another great tip for a low-budget trip is to trade a luxury 5-star hotel for dorm rooms or B&B hostels. Sharing a room divides your accommodation costs and introduces you to new people who may share the same passion for travel as you. Who knows you might find a group to explore new places with? Bunk rooms are cheaper than hotel rooms and are decent, clean, and friendly. Make sure you book through a reliable app or website that gives you authentic prices and real pictures of the place.

Also, when you stay with a native family, they can be your tour guide or at least share secret tips to shop, eat, and commute at the cheapest cost.

Connect with Locals

Trust us, locals can give you the best travel budget tips; you only need to know how to talk to them the right way. Find a chance to connect with people in the city, either by staying with a native family or befriending a local. This is your opportunity to get access to information about food, shopping, and hidden spots that you will not find in any travel guide. The only catch is you need to ask the right questions, especially if you are visiting a small town or a less developed country. Many locals assume that tourists are not interested in eating at not-so-famous places. Ask them where they like to go for lunch or dinner or what’s their nearby favourite places to visit.

Use Public Transport

One of the most cost-efficient budgeting tips for travel is to use public transportation you will need to make a travel itinerary for that. Well, the first choice should always be to walk, as it allows you to explore local markets. However, whenever taking a walk is not possible, hop on a local bus to reach your destination rather than taking a private cab. Urban transport has evolved a lot over the years, and you can easily find a metro, bus network, or rickshaws.

Summing It Up!

Travel doesn’t have to be about luxury hotel rooms, extravagant budgets, and three-course meals. It gives you experiences, memories, and happiness that money can never buy. You just have to be a bit smart and attentive while planning your trips.

Happy Travelling!

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