Go Digital With Uneecops Power-Packed Solution for Fast-Growing Businesses

Lay a strong foundation for business growth and gain complete operational visibility with Uneecops Power-Packed Solution. Deep dive to learn how the SAP solution is helping fast-growing companies run better and smarter.

New-age startups and modern midsize businesses are more dynamic than ever before. As they face the fast-growing challenges of the business world, they need a solution that can efficiently manage their core business functions on a single platform.

The digital economy today is the most important fuel for innovation, economic growth, and competitiveness in the world. Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) is the engine that transforms businesses and helps them achieve automation by designing, implementing, managing, and enhancing SAP power-packed solutions. We help dynamic and fast-growing companies to baseline the data landscape, define strategy, assess business capability, support change activity, define platforms and deliver change.

Single cloud ERP solution, Multiple Benefits

The SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package is the 21st-century solution every midsize business seeks. Why?

Partner-packed solutions come with a predefined price and scope, and they can be customized to turn your growth potential into real results.

More reasons to choose SAP ByD Starter Package:

  1. Customized

Every business is unique but falls under the purview of a particular industry. To solve the unique problems, every fast-growing company needs a solution within their scope and price. Implementation time and prices have been reduced with partner-packaged solutions. The best part is that the solutions can be tailored to your industry needs and specific business requirements.

  1. Lower Risk

There is no need to overbuy or overbuild as partner-packaged solutions are low-risk ERP. You get a simplified way to digitize your business and streamline all functions with a small investment. There are also options to adapt or expand in the future.

  1. Full Transparency

Partner-packaged solutions have a fixed scope, fixed price, and enable users to make real-time decisions with embedded analytics. As you can track company performance with full data transparency, the ultimate thing that can happen is sure-shot business success!

  1. Faster ROI

Because partner-packaged solutions are more cost-effective, they deliver value more quickly than other solutions. This means companies can see the return on investment (ROI) faster.

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Uneecops Power-Packed Solution - The cutting-edge solution that is the competitive edge you need to succeed.

As Asia’s #1 SAP BI partner and India’s first Platinum SAP BI partner, UBS is one of India’s largest and most trusted SAP partners. We have been awarded SAP awards for 10 consecutive years, SAP Business One Partner of the year, APJ for three successive years (2018, 2019 & 2020) and have become the SAP No.1 MVAR for the Indian region. That is why fast-growing businesses across the country rely on our power-packed solution offerings. The suite in a box is not just our offering. When you hire us, we partner to support you end-to-end. From implementation, migration, hosting to technical support and managed services – we’ll handle everything!

Some of the features of our Partner-packed solution are:

1. All Modules Covered, including-

● Finance & Management Accounting
● Supplier Relationship Management
● Inventory Management
● Strategic Sourcing
● Supplier Return Management
● Customer Relationship Management
● Order-to-Cash (Stock)
● HR Management
● And more

1. Seamless e-commerce integration, barcode integration, GST filing integration, e-way bills and bank integration
2. Minimal compliance and audit time with better traceability
3. Access over 500 Reports
4. Connect all business functions across your company
5. Gain real-time analytics, make data-driven decisions

Rapid Implementation, Affordable and Proven Solution

The need of the hour is business agility and resilient solutions. Now you can think of adopting business automation in days and weeks rather than months and years!

  • 6 weeks + 4 weeks of go-live support, and you are all set to go 100% digital!
  • Power-packed price starts from Rs 19,999 per user/month (Licenses : 10 in all. 2 Advance & 8 Core Users). Please note that the prices are subject to applicable taxes, business specifications, subscription time, etc.

As your company grows, the Power-packed solution grows!


Unlock the power of cloud analytics to offer real-time data insights. Take advantage of the SAP Business ByDesign Package Solution to connect every function across your company seamlessly. You’ll get the foundation to scale and compete without the complexity and cost, so your business can grow in every possible way – today and tomorrow.

UBS offers SAP ByD Starter Package solutions that are time-tested, boast best practices and have embedded in-depth analytics – all that your business needs to manage its operations now and grow in the future.

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