VI Idea Message Center Numbers For India’s All States (2023 Updates)

Looking for an Idea Message Centre Number or idea sms center number? And, facing the problems in sending and receiving the messages or any other such problems?

 Then, you have clicked on the right tab over the entire internet because, in this article, we will provide you with the Idea message centre number 2022.

And this idea msg center no will help you directly to interact with the helpline support, and they will solve any query or problems for you. 

Without further delay, let’s figure out your Idea message centre number !!

Idea Message Centre Number is also known as SMS Service Centre Number (SMSC). They are helpline support, and they help you in case your network faces some problems, and you receive a text message but are unable to send them. 

Your SIM card has the SMS service center number recorded based on your network operator. You can easily contact them if you face similar problems or issues. 

VI Idea Message Centre Number - List of All The States

VI Idea Message Centre NumberPhone Number
Andhra Pradesh+919848009198
Himachal Pradesh+919882900198
Jammu and Kashmir+919086046198
Madhya Pradesh+919826000198
Uttar Pradesh west+918941000198
Uttar Pradesh east+918576000198
West Bengal+919093100198

VI Message Setup Your Phone

Here, we will discuss updating the idea message centre number or, in fact, any other operator. Though every phone has a specific process, the basic idea of all the devices is similar.

Step #1: You only have to click the messages icon.

Step #2: Open its settings.

Step #3: Now, you will surely be able to see an option to change your idea message centre number.

Step #4: If dual SIM is enabled on your phone, first select your favorite SIM card.

Step #5: You can easily change the wrong number with the correct one.

How to update the idea sms center number?

To update the VI idea sms center number, you have to follow the certain steps given below:

Step #1: Click on the SMS icon of your phone (android or iOS)

Step #2: Find out the settings and click on them.

Step #3: You will also see the updates setting; click on it.

Step #4: Now, your SMS center number will be visible.

Step #5: Now, pick your mobile carrier

Step #6: Finally, now you can easily update your SMS center number.


Most frequent questions and answers

Every SIM card has its message center number saved; all you have to do is follow some specific steps to get to know the number.

You should re-check the date & time of your cell phone. Because if the date & time is not correct on your mobile phone, you will not be able to send important messages from the VI Idea number.

If you want to have your GPRS setting or want to activate or deactivate it, all you need is some respective codes. 

Balance Check *212# or *130# or *123#

SMS Balance *451# or *161*1#

Special Packs *131*3#

Service Menu *147#

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