JIO SMS Center Number All States {List Updated}

Having any kind of issues in sending or receiving SMS through your postpaid or prepaid Jio sim? Well, you don’t need to worry now as we bring this article to help you in resolving this issue.

In past few years, the telecom company Jio has gained a fair number of subscribers in India. These subscribers are regular users of the services provided by the company. From this, it is evident that any problem in the services will affect a large number of people. One such problem is SMS not being sent.

Here, this article brings you Jio SMS center number or Jio message center number of various states. By using these Jio SMS service center number or SMS center number Jio, you can easily resolve the SMS issue you are facing. This problem can be solved by just modifying your SMS settings and for that you need to have the right Jio SMS center number with you. Let’s have a look at what is this SMS center number jio and what it does.

Jio SMS Center numberPhone Number
Andhra Pradesh+919885005444
Himachal Pradesh+917010075009
Jammu and Kashmir+917010075009
Madhya Pradesh+917010075009
North East+917012075009
Uttar Pradesh west+917010075009
Uttar Pradesh east+917010075009
West Bengal+917010075009

Jio Message Center Numbers for Users

This number is stored in your SIM card and helps in sending or receiving messages through your mobile phones. This is not unique for every user but it is unique for every state. We have provided you the list of all Jio message center number for various states which can become useful in solving your problem of not receiving or sending text messages.

For continuing these services, you can go to the app management and then go to the settings of messages. There you can enter the Jio message center number of your state.

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Jio SMS Center number/ Jio SMS service center number

Jio message center number or Short Message Center Service (SMSC) stores, converts, forwards and delivers Short Messages or SMS. It works in a serial order.

 It first receives the SMS, then stores it and then delivers it to the required destination. While doing all this, it maintains unique time stamps for every action performed on every message received. In case of message not being delivered to the recipient’s phone it’ll be stored in SMSC. It stays there for a limited period of time and then gets deleted. It cannot be retrieved now.
Now we’ll share with you the list of all the Jio SMS center number for your assistance.

JIO SMS Center Number - FAQs

You are probably facing this issue due to wrong Jio SMS center number stored in your phone. Kindly refer to the list provided in the article to find out the latest SMS center number for your state.

The steps to do so are fairly easy. You just have to search for your state in the list and update the number listed against that state in your phone.

By simply tapping on the messages icon on your android phone. To check balance through the messages, you can sms MBAL to 55333

The JIO SMS center number  for Maharashtra is +917012075009.

The JIO SMS center number  for Rajasthan is +917012075009.

The JIO SMS center number  for Gujarat is +917012075009.

The JIO SMS center number  for Delhi is +917010075009.

The JIO SMS center number  for Bihar is +917012075009.

The JIO SMS center number  for MP is +917010075009.

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