Tips To Make Your Next Virtual Party Memorable

If you are planning to organize a virtual party, make sure to make it memorable. Give your guests reasons to remember their fun moments at your party and praise it for months and years to come.

But it’s not easy to plan a virtual party, and a small problem can leave your guests in a sour mood. And we know you don’t want to make a poor impression as a host.
So we have curated this blog post for you with some tips and ideas on how to host a virtual event successfully and memorable for your guests.

1. Set a budget

The first thing to do when you decide to organize a virtual party is to set a budget. Without a fixed or estimated budget, your planning can go haywire and leave a dent in your pocket. So first, decide how much you are willing to spend on your virtual party. If you fall short on the budget or do not want to spend all the amount from your pocket, you can collect some fees from the guests or get a few sponsors.

2. Set a Date & Time and Make a Guest List

Decide who you want to invite and plan when you want to host your virtual party. Deciding these things will help you get your planning in motion. While sending the invitations, follow your theme to get your guests in the vibe already. You can also send some goodies with the invites.

3. Choose the Platform for your Virtual Party

Decide on one platform that you will use to connect with your guests. Ensure tech compatibility in advance and don’t let any technical problems hamper your or your guest’s mood last minute.

4. Get the Snacks and Meals Together

What’s a party if all the guests don’t gossip over the meals together! Even if you are hosting a virtual party, you can still get the snacks or meals for your guests. Either keep the menu simple so that everyone can prepare it at their homes. Or better yet, place orders on food delivery apps to deliver the snacks/meals to your guests’ homes. Your guests will love you for the free treats!

5. Set the Complete Party Plan in Advance and Make it Engaging

Plan out your party from start to end. Keep the content crisp and ensure the script is well-written. Without an activity plan, your party can be a disaster. You don’t want people to come all excited, only to stare at each other’s faces and find ways to leave early.

Ideas to Make your Virtual Party a Success

We have curated a list of ideas you can do to make your party a success.

1. Display a social wall

Engaging the guests even during the short breaks is important, and you can do it by displaying social walls on your screen. Use social media aggregator tools like Taggbox to curate a visually appealing and interactive social media feed. You can even create a campaign for your virtual event on social media and display the posts on your social wall.

2. Shop Together or Do a Closet Exchange

If you and your guests love shopping, then you can do a fun closet exchange activity. Put a few of your dresses that you no longer want to wear for sale on your website. Similarly, you can invite your guests to share clothes from their closets that they want to sell.

You can use a social commerce tool to collect the social media posts of your guests featuring their dresses and present them in consolidated shoppable galleries for your website. It will make it easier for your guests to see what clothes they love and shop for them with a few clicks. Now, reveal your shoppable gallery at your virtual party. Your guests will love it.

3. Get your Guests Grooving with a Dance Party

Organize a virtual dance party. You can make it interesting by inviting your guests to do their hook steps. It will make them more comfortable and help them enjoy the party.

4. Create a Playlist

Play songs in the background to keep the audience engaged. It’s a great way to cover up the unplanned breaks or delays in anything during the event. You can create a playlist that matches the interests of your guests beforehand.

5. Do a Movie Night

Organize a virtual movie night for your guests during the main party or as an after-party event. With the hustle culture getting popular, people are always on the move, barely getting some time to themselves. Since your guests are already attending the party, you can get them to relax some more with movies and a lot of gossip all night.

Getting Started!

You don’t know how much people could use your party to relax and chill out. And now that you have read all our tips and ideas to make your virtual party memorable, you are ready to become a pro-host.

Use our tips and ideas to avoid any mistakes with the planning. Get started with the planning and give your guests a chance to remember your party with fun experiences.

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