Where is Costco Opening New Stores in 2024

In 2024, Costco is planning to establish additional stores in numerous places around the United States, including Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and more. The expansion intends to serve more members around the nation, providing a broad selection of things, from groceries to electronics and furnishings. The development is part of Costco’s ambition to extend its footprint both statewide and worldwide, with an optimistic view for speeding its expansion plans. To know in detail where is Costco opening new stores in 2024, keep reading. 

Expansion in the United States

Costco’s growth in the United States for 2024 includes many confirmed and probable additional store sites. Based on the available information from multiple sources, the following cities are projected to have new Costco stores:

  • Southfield, Michigan 
  • Shenzhen, China 
  • Queen Creek, Arizona 
  • Kyle, Texas 
  • Longmont, Colorado 
  • Billings, Montana 
  • Marysville, California 
  • Newark, California 
  • NW Toronto, Ontario 
  • Clermont, Florida 
  • Hendersonville, Tennessee 
  • Stockbridge, Georgia 
  • Scarborough, Maine 
  • Noblesville, Indiana 
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin 
  • Buckeye, Arizona 
  • Georgetown, Texas 
  • North Canton, Ohio

These places reflect a subset of the growth plans, and more cities may potentially be included in Costco’s 2024 development strategy.

Global Expansion

Costco’s worldwide growth plans for 2024 and beyond involve establishing additional stores in different regions throughout the globe. Some of the new shop locations are as follows:

  • Shenzhen, China: Costco aims to establish its third and fourth sites in China, after the success of its first two shops in the nation.
  • Hangzhou, China: Costco is also planning to establish a new shop in Hangzhou, significantly increasing its foothold in China.
  • Nanjing, China: Another new store in China is planned for Nanjing, as Costco continues to increase its presence in the nation.
  • Australia: Costco is poised to establish a new shop in Australia, boosting its foothold in the Asia-Pacific area.
  • Japan: The firm also wants to build a new shop in Japan, boosting its presence in the Japanese market.
  • Sweden: Costco launched its first location in Sweden in 2022, foreshadowing more development in Europe.
  • New Zealand: Costco opened its first shop in New Zealand in 2022, displaying its dedication to global growth.

These foreign growth plans highlight Costco’s goal to develop its global footprint and serve more members globally. By building additional shops in other countries, Costco intends to capitalize on the expanding demand for its goods and services in these regions.

Impact and Expectations

Costco’s development has enormous implications on local economies and employment generation, as well as the quality of life for inhabitants. Some of the significant implications include:

  1. Job creation: The development and operation of new Costco shops produce both direct and indirect jobs, such as construction workers, retail associates, and management people. Additionally, Costco’s presence may lead to additional employment prospects for local suppliers and service providers, thus improving the local labour market.
  1. Local economic development: Costco’s expansion may encourage local economic growth by recruiting new firms and investments. For example, research indicated that a new Costco store in Thunder Bay, Ontario, led to changes in customer behaviour and spending habits, which in turn affected local small businesses, grocers, and supermarkets.
  1. Increased tax money: New Costco locations may provide more tax revenue for local governments since they frequently pay higher property taxes than other merchants. This cash may be utilised to support public services and infrastructure upgrades, benefitting the local community.
  1. Traffic and infrastructure: The increased traffic flow due to Costco’s development might put a strain on local transportation systems, necessitating modifications to roads and other infrastructure. This may lead to increased expenditures for local governments, who may need to invest in extra road capacity and other infrastructure projects.
  1. Competitive effects: Costco’s growth may impact the pricing and tactics of local rivals, such as grocery shops and other businesses. For example, research indicated that the competitive impacts of Costco and Sam’s Club on supermarket costs were considerable, with prices rising by 1.4% in the short term and 2.7% in the long run.
  1. Town participation: Costco’s presence in a town may contribute to improved community engagement and development since the firm typically partners with local groups and non-profits to solve social and environmental concerns.

Overall, Costco’s development may have both beneficial and negative effects on local economies and communities. While it may drive employment growth, economic development, and community participation, it can also contribute to increased traffic, infrastructure expenses, and competitive pressures. Local governments and companies should carefully evaluate these variables when analysing the possible effect of a new Costco shop in their region.


In the blog post, we discussed where is Costco opening new stores in 2024. Costco’s development plans for 2024 include establishing 24 new locations throughout the world, with seven of these stores slated to open within the first quarter of the fiscal year, which started on September 1, 2022. The additional store sites will contribute to Costco’s development and help the firm better serve its members globally, with an emphasis on foreign expansion to increase total growth. The development plans illustrate Costco’s aim to enhance its worldwide footprint and serve more members, while also promoting local economic growth and job creation in the regions where new shops are erected.

These additional store locations will contribute to Costco’s expansion and help the firm better serve its members globally. By extending its presence in numerous nations, Costco wants to capitalize on the rising demand for its goods and services in these regions, while also promoting local economic development and job creation.

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