Where to find Tahini in the Grocery Store – A complete Guide

You just came across a great dish that you’re craving to put this delish on your taste buds. You’ve grabbed the recipe book or searched for the recipe online. You are reading through the ingredients section and come across the word ‘Tahini’. WAIT! Do you have this in the pantry of your house? Probably NO. This is because Tahini is not something that most of the households keep or in few cases many people have not even heard about it or know how it looks.

We bring this article titled “where is tahini in the grocery store” to help you find out Tahini in your nearest grocery stores. Stay with us and you will not have to worry about ‘where to find Tahini in grocery store’ while you make that drive to buy Tahini and you can enjoy your favorite music in the car.

For knowing the answer to ‘where is Tahini in the grocery store’ or ‘where to find Tahini in the grocery store’, you should first know how Tahini looks like.

Tahini is actually a paste which is prepared from ground sesame seeds. Tahini is often added to desserts like brownies and cookies. This can also be used to makes sauces, salad dressings, dips or spreads. The structure of Tahini is somewhat similar to the nut butter but its taste is bitterer when compared to nut butter.  

Which stores to visit for finding Tahini?

To make your search for Tahini in the grocery stores easier, we bring you a list of stores that sell Tahini. Check out this list and visit the grocery store closest to your house.

  • Walmart: If you have a walmart store near to your house, then you need to look no further for other stores to find Tahini. Walmart stores have Tahini of various brands available.
  • ShopRite: Along with other products, ShopRite keeps a stock of Tahini as well. Jovya Tahini is recommended for buying.
  • Kroger: they keep stock of many known Tahini brands in their stores. If you visit them you’ll definitely find a good brand Tahini.
  • Publix: Baron’s pure Tahini sesame paste, Ziyad Tahini Sesame paste, Jovya are some of the Tahini brand names which you might find at these stores.
  • Safeway: if you visit the local Safeway store located near to your house you’ll definitely find out a branded can of Tahini there.
  • Giant: these sell few brands of Tahini like Hadder Sesame paste and Woodstock sesame.
  • Acme: Once Again Tahini is a very well-known brand that manufactures Tahini. If you have Acme stores near to your house, visit there and you’ll find this brand’s Tahini.
  • Sprouts: The Sprouts Farmers Market sells majorly two categories of Tahini, first one is Sprouts Organic Unsalted Tahini and second is roasted garlic Tahini.
  • Wegmans: Their Wegman Organic Tahini butter is famous and you can find it in a wegman store.
  • Amazon Online Store: If you’ve looked up at your nearest grocery store and couldn’t find the Tahini then you’ll have to give your craving a little break. The length of this break depends on how much time Amazon takes to deliver parcel at your home. Search for Tahini in the Amazon online store, they have many brand options available. Select the brand of your choice and make the payment.

Check the Packaging while finding Tahini in the Grocery Store

As the section above has already narrowed down your search for where is Tahini in the grocery store by providing you with the information that it is a thick paste similar to nut butter. Now you will go to the section of spreads and butter.

Once you reach there, you might encounter a large number of different spreads and butters of various brands already available there. How to find out which among these is Tahini? This is where knowing about the outer packaging will definitely help you.

Tahini comes packaged in cans, jars or sealed plastic containers. Below we are providing you a list which contains names of the brands that are known to manufacture best Tahini. When you go to grocery store for Tahini hunt, look out for these:

  • Joyva Sesame Tahini
  • Once Again Organic Tahini
  • 365 Everyday Value Organic Tahini (Whole Foods)
  • Soom Foods Pure Ground Sesame Tahini Paste
  • Roland Tahini Pure Ground Sesame Seed
  • Sprouts Organic Roasted Garlic Tahini (Sprouts Farmers Market)

With the packaging and name of the brand known, you can easily find out a can of good Tahini in the grocery store.

Check the International Aisle


If you’re looking for what aisle is Tahini in, some stores place Tahini in the Ethnic/ International aisle. If you do not find Tahini placed in the butters and spreads corner, just check out the international aisle before leaving the store. 

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