Which of the following would be an ideal goal for an SEO plan?

(A) Increasing social media likes and follows.

(B) Increasing how many relevant people visit your website.

(C) Showing your website to as many people as possible.

(D) Being in first place in SERP from any keyword.

Answer – Increasing how many relevant people visit your website

In short, the right answer to the question “Which of the following would be an ideal goal for an SEO plan” is to increase the number of relevant persons who visit your website. Let’s dive deeper and look into the ideal goal of an SEO approach.

The Goal of a Good SEO Approach

Before exploring an ideal goal, it’s important that you understand the main objectives of an SEO strategy. The main aim of SEO is to improve your website ranking in the search result with respect to relevant keywords and phrases.

By doing this, you will get more targeted traffic. This means you will get more of those people who are truly interested in the information, products, or services that you offer. Increased relevant traffic will lead to more conversion, engagement, and general success for your online presence.

Improving Visibility

The first and foremost goal is improving visibility which refers to the whole process of making your website more discoverable and noticeable in search engine results. The more your website ranks in the above bracket for relevant search results, the more it will be seen by potential visitors. Here are some of the methods to improve your visibility:

Keyword Optimization: You have to first conduct keyword research for high relevancy and traffic. Now, you will need to use these keywords strategically in the content, title, URL, and other places to improve the search result relevance.

On-Page SEO: Next is to customize each page of your content with relevant Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and headers. Also, you will need to write engaging and informative descriptions, so that more people get encouraged to click on your link via the search results.

Quality Content: Write or make quality and captive content which addresses all the interests and needs of your targeted users. Producing high-quality content will result in more user engagement and increase the likelihood of getting more visitors.

Link Building: After making quality content you will get valuable backlinks from reputable websites. Backlinks are viewed by search engines as a vote of trust for your website’s credibility and relevancy, nicely raising its search engine ranking.

Appropriate Traffic Selection

Getting the right visitors is the key to success in an SEO plan. These targeted visitors have a greater chance of becoming your consumers or interacting with your website. These are a few methods through which you can target the right audience:

Understanding Intent of the User: In the beginning, you have a go through search queries to understand the intent behind them. Are the visitors searching for information, services, or products? Now, you can customize your content according to their needs which will attract the right users.

Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are longer than normally used keywords. But, they are more focused search phrases that give a better look at the intent. They have a lower search volume, however, they get more suitable visitors and a better rate of conversion.

Optimizing User Experience

A satisfying user experience from your website or content is important for both the search engine as well as visiting users. Almost all search engines give preference to seamless and user-friendly websites. To optimize your website for a better user experience, you can follow these methods:

Content Which Is Readable and Engaging: Many people focus more on writing the content rather than its formatting. If you use fonts that are commonly used or are easy to read as well as format them according then it can make your content even more appealing. You can use sub-heading to define less important topics and include bullet points for better readability.

Mobile-Friendly Design: There are a lot of people who use mobile devices to go through online content. If you make your website optimized for mobile devices, especially with responsiveness and easy to use in mind then you can retain a lot more visitors and get a higher ranking in mobile search results.

Better Navigations: You need to make your content in a way that not only looks good but has clear navigation as well. Through this you will have a better rate of conversion as well as visitors will be able to find the content they are looking for without much hassle.

Maximizing Conversions

Once you have increased the traffic flow on your website, now you need to increase the rate of conversion which is essentially the role of SEO. Conversion means interaction in simpler terms as it can be in many forms such as the user signing up for newsletter emails, buying products from your website, or any action which your website is made for. Generally, SEO set the base for better growth by attracting relevant users and giving a hassle-free experience.


Increasing the number of relevant visitors on your website is the correct option for “Which of the following would be an ideal goal for an SEO plan”. However, there is a lot more to forming an ideal goal for an SEO strategy. Refer to the answer above for an in-depth look at it.  

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