Most effective off-page SEO Checklist: 10 ways to boost your website’s traffic

Who doesn’t want an immense amount of traffic on their website, but only a few websites all over the internet are able to grab the attention of visitors. Do you want to know the secret behind traffic gaining websites? The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method is the best way to drive traffic towards your websites. All the websites that rank higher in searches use this method for ranking.

A lot many people already focus on on-page optimization, for example they put emphasis on a keyword. To improve the ranking of your website you should focus on off-page SEO too.

This article discusses all about off-page SEO and also gives you ten advanced off-page SEO techniques to work with third parties for ranking your website here. Let’s dive into it!

Off-Page SEO is the term given to the methods or techniques that are implemented outside of your website to increase its ranking. It includes things like posting links on other websites, also known as backlinks, promoting your website through social media and other third parties across the internet.

All of these activities give browser an indication that your website is important to other people on the internet. This encourages search engines to boost the ranking of your website over the internet.

Nearly all the websites that are ranking on the search engines have done work upon their on-page SEO. What you need now is a solid implementation of off-page SEO and for that our off-page SEO checklist will give you advanced off-page SEO techniques that will prove to be a deciding factor in taking your website ahead of other websites.

The Most Effective Off-Page SEO Checklist with Advanced Off-page SEO Techniques

Generally while discussing about off-page SEO the word ‘third party’ is used. This gives a notion that it is out of your control. BUT ITS NOT!. With the off-page SEO checklist provided by us you’ll discover how much off-page SEO is crucial for your website and how you can implement it in the most effective way.

Your complete off-page SEO checklist is:

  1. Securing valuable backlinks
  2. Increasing activity over social media
  3. Spending more time in comment section
  4. Investing in the local SEO
  5. Guest posting on third party websites.
  6. Add RSS feed subscription box
  7. Working towards building trust
  8. Building strong networks with industry figures and influencers
  9. Share your documents
  10. Posting on forums.

Further sections of this article discuss with you these effective techniques in detail.


A backlink for a given webpage is a link from some other webpage to that webpage. In simple words, if you post the link of your website on some other website, it’ll be called as a backlink.

The search engine reads this link as third party endorsing your website.

Providing backlinks for your websites on valuable third party resources helps a lot in gaining traffic.



Through regularly posting on social media the content of your website and being active there, you can attract traffic on your website from diverse sources. This diversification in traffic will tell the search engine that your website is valuable to a lot many people across the web.

Promote your content on the social media and respond to the mentions of your product or businesses. This is a great technique for a start.

Also, if you can, participate in some engaging discussions on social media platforms that are related to the niche of your website or business.



We often view the websites that have the same niche as our website as our competitors. Sometimes, there are websites that are related to your website’s niche but are not your direct competitors.

Find out and mark these websites. Get in the comment section of the articles on these websites and then participate there in encouraging and healthy discussions. Also, post your reviews about the article related to the niche.

This will make your contributions on the site noticeable and some of the site’s viewing audience will eventually click on your profile for exploring more, thus leading them to your website.

Some websites on the internet also allow you to post your website’s link in their comment section. Although, this is not an effective way but while we’re talking about off-page SEO, every bit counts.



Get on the top in the search engine results. Getting on the top doesn’t mean that you have to be at the top-most but being in top few, even on the first page of results gives a better picture. This can be done by investing in local SEO and by improving your on-page optimization.

Add your website or company on Google My Business.
You’ll have to make sure that your business name, contact number, website URL and address are consistent throughout all the platforms.



There are many sites all over the internet that accept guest contributions. Posting articles under guest posting offers a great opportunity to secure valuable backlinks.

If your Niche is Digital marketing, You Can search as Guest posting site as, 
Write for us Digital marketing 
Digital marketing + Guest post 
Digital marketing + Write for us
Digital marketing Write for us 

Every website has its own set of rules for guest posting.  Make sure that your article follows these rules before you submit it to them. Some may allow you to put your website URL in the guest posts, others might ask you to just put your business/ company name and products in it. It will vary from website to website and their guest posting policies.



Every new visitor to your website is a valuable one but the regular ones are also equally important. These new visitors when become regular, gives your website a steady stream of traffic.

For this, you should try that your visitors subscribe to your RSS feed. This enables you to monitor your website through a feed reader. All the WordPress sites have built in support for RSS feeds. Enter your site’s URL followed by ‘/feed’ to check this out.

Put an icon on your website’s page for subscribing RSS feed.



Search Engines always work towards providing their users with the best experience. In such cases, they won’t want their users to go to some website that is untrustworthy. Search engines use DA and PA to calculate how much trustable your website is. DA is Domain Authority related to the whole website while PA is Page Authority related to the specific website page.

Although, if you follow the advanced off-page SEO techniques mentioned in our off-page SEO checklist, your website’s DA and PA will automatically improve.

While guest posting or securing backlinks, don’t get in contact with fraud websites. This will tarnish your website’s image for the search engine eventually sabotaging your DA and PA. 



Social media will help you a lot in connecting with the leading faces of the industry of your niche. Try to build a strong relationship with these industry figures and influencers. They will find you more trustable and chances of them interacting with you in future will increase. These interactions may include sharing your company’s or website’s content on their social media handle.

Do not leave any chance to interact with these industry figures. Even if they do not directly promote your content, interaction with them will have a positive impact on your website. Remember that, good networking never fails you.



Many great websites over the internet generate documents. These include things like research studies, presentations eBooks, survey results and user manuals.
Upload these documents on third party platforms such as Scribd Platform, Academia Network etc.


Forums, like comment sections can be a great way to attract excellent referral traffic. For getting the best results, post in the threads only when you have something valuable to add to the discussion. This will create a positive impact of your profile in the minds of the other participants involved in that discussion and they might end up visiting your profile, then your website.

Build a positive reputation on the third party forums and never try to promote your content explicitly or forcibly. Through your words you should not seem desperate for promoting your business or company; otherwise you’ll get ignored by the other members of the forum and will be designated as spam.


You have gone through out off-page SEO checklist and read about some effective techniques for boosting traffic on your website. But reading these techniques alone won’t work. You’ll have to work towards implementing effectively and you should be consistent in their implementation.

Even if you’re not getting the desired results in the start, you should not give up on these techniques and eventually you’ll get a boom in the amount of traffic on your website.

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