Are you New to Online Gaming? Acronyms That You Need to Know

If you have recently discovered the joys of multiple-player gaming, welcome to a very large community, as many people from all walks of life enjoy playing in real-time with other players. In order to be able to fully understand what’s happening, here are some commonly used acronyms deciphered.

  • AFKAway from keyboard means you won’t be around for a few minutes; perhaps you need to go to the bathroom or someone knocks at your door, simply type AFK in the chat and you’re good to go.
  • BRB Be right back is similar to AFK and both can be used to excuse yourself for a few minutes.
  • CampingCamping is used to describe a player that deliberately hangs around; it is a strategy to camp, which means waiting for the enemy rather that finding them. Campers are usually good a setting up ambushes.
  • DPS – A term to describe damage per second, when your character suffers damage during a game.
  • FF – This means friendly fire that is damaging you or one of your team and the sooner the player concerned knows they are shooting at their own team, the better.
  • FPS – This refers to any first person shooter game, whereby the shooter views the environment from their own perception. Games such as Call of Action and Overwatch are two examples of FPS games.
  • GGGood game is something you might say to another player after the game and before you head off to the online casino to play online slot machines.
  • HUD – A small screen that gives you essential real-time information is called a head-up display.
  • LFG, LFP – This means ‘looking for a group’ or ‘looking for a player’.
  • MORPGMultiple online role-playing game, such as Warcraft or Guild Wars. These are very popular, as they allow thousands of players to interact and using the chat feature, you can make new friends easily.
  • NPC – This refers to a non-playing character, one that is computer controlled that you often see when gaming. Here is some important information if you are planning to buy a gaming monitor.
  • OTW –When a fellow team player is under heavy fire, type ‘OTW’ to let them know you are on the way. Sometimes you don’t have the time to do lots of texting and acronyms save time.
  • Peeling – Peeling describes attacking an enemy to distract them from attacking a team member.
  • TTYLTalk to you later is a comment you would make at the end of a gaming session to let people know you are about to log off.
  • WTT – When you have something you want to exchange, WTT means want to trade. Online gaming is more than a little complex and it might take you a while to get the hang of things.

There are more acronyms, but the above are the main ones you will come across and now that you know their meanings, you are ready to join the party.

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