ATT My Results: AT&T HR Login (Complete Guide)

AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company) is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States of America. It has hundreds of millions of daily active users and provides some of the finest services when compared to other telecommunication brands. To help the employees and executives working in the company they have introduced a new and innovative way to enhance their overall experience using “att my results” HR login portal. In this article, we will discuss more about in-depth and how to access it as well.

Att My Results Overview

My Results Att is a web-based service platform that provides employees and human resource departments with tools and resources to streamline their workload. If you are an authorized person working for AT&T then you can use their login portal to access all the information about your sales. This includes data insight about your sales performance, tracking your progress, training resources, and toolset.

In case you are with the HR (Human Resource) Department then you will get to manage all the employees working under you as well as their data analytics. Also, you get a dedicated dashboard for consumer-related information like satisfaction level, feedback, and other similar data. Not only that, you get the access to an official business email address which consolidates workflow and communication via a unified platform.

Last but not least, you can view and manage information about payrolls which include tax documentation, details of direct deposit, and pay stubs. In addition, you also get to see your compensation history. As for HR representatives, they get access to employee relation matters such as conflict resolution, action done for discipline, and grievances.

In case, you want to use the portal and don’t have access to a computer system then you can use the att my results dashboard portal through your smartphone. Some reports also suggest that they are working on a mobile application which could make its appearance really soon and it will help all the personnel involved immensely.

How to Access Att My Results Dashboard

After knowing about the benefits of using my att results web portal, if you want to access it yourself. Then all you need to do is simply follow the steps given below. Note that there will be four options available at the time of login namely Active, Dependents, Former Employees, and Non-Management Staffs. Depending upon your role in the company, you have to select it accordingly.

  1. Using any supported web browser go to AT&T’s official webpage.
  2. If you don’t know how then directly look for it by entering the name in any search engine like Google or Yahoo.
  3. After entering their webpage, look at the left top most corner of the window where you will be able to see “Login” or “Sign In” button.
  4. Click on it and you will be redirected to att my results login portal.
  5. Now, enter your “UserID” and “AT&T Password”. These credentials are given to all the employees and representatives working in the company at the time of joining.
  6. In case you did not receive one or lost it then you will need to contact the support team. They will guide you through the process of retrieving it.
  7. Once you have typed in the credentials, click on “Log on” button available at the bottom.
  8. Thats All! You will now be able to use your AT&T profile where you can access all the resources and toolset provided by the company.
  9. In case, you don’t know your password or having issues logging in then you can contact either your superior or support team to help you resolve the problem.


AT&T is the biggest name in the American Telecommunication market and they use innovative and effective ways to not only help its consumers but also the employees working for them. One such example is “att my results” login portal made to streamline the workload of workers and employees as well as help manage all the stuff related to their work. Read the article above if you want to know more about it and how to access their login portal.

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