7 Meme Coins That Will Shoot Up in 2024

As the name suggests, meme coins are called memes because they are associated with trending memes. That’s why they are a great source of enjoyment for the investors and they have a mascot feature that entertains its users as they think that these coins are responsible for their luck. If you’re a crypto fan and want to fully reap the benefits of investing in meme coins, you must stay informed about the latest meme coins that will blast in 2024. Therefore, we have bent backwards to provide you with a list of the latest meme coins that will run the bull market. But before this, let’s understand the basics of a meme coin so that you can better decide whether you have to invest in them or not. 

What Is A Meme Coin?

Meme coins – when you hear the name “meme coin”, you understand the word coin, but where does the word meme come from? Is the coin a meme or has a meme history? Yes! Meme coins have emerged as a result of a meme and that’s why they’re unique. You often have heard the name “dogecoin” which is a renowned meme coin and has a fun element having a whimsical nature. Dogecoin uses the Shiba Inu dog’s face from the “doge” meme. Meme coins are also cryptocurrencies that gain people’s attention because of their meme attributes. However, they’re a bit riskier than the cryptocurrencies. Some passionate online communities are behind the meme coins that work for the growth and success of these cryptocurrencies and set them apart from other crypto tokens. 

Top Meme Coins In The Upcoming Year 2024

Let’s unlock the top meme coins that will skyrocket in the upcoming year 2024 with their unique and progressive characteristics. 

Dogecoin (DOGE)

You might have already heard the name Dogecoin or DOGE, which is the first meme coin introduced in December 2013. This meme coin has proved to be a stable meme coin which has very few fluctuations in its value. With the passage of time, Dogecoin has increased in its value and many people have shown interest in buying them due to their rising value characteristics. Till now, this coin has not faced any decline in its value and is gaining popularity as time passes. Its current price is USD 0.07 at the time of writing dated 26th October, 2024.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu or SHIB is yet another rising meme coin. Let;’s take a closer look at the history of the SHIB meme coin. Shiba Inu is a species of dog that was originally found in Japan and known for its confidence, pride and triangular eyes. Three years ago, a group called Ryoshi founded a token named Shiba Inu and started launching the series of Dog meme coins. The coin has gained people’s traction and became a competitor of Dogecoin in a very short time. The Layer 2 technology for Shiba Inu named Shibarium makes quick transactions. Its price skyrocketed in 2021, which was $0.00008845, but in June 2023, it dropped to $0.0000044. However, the coin has the potential to rise in value in the upcoming year and people are confident to HODL this coin. People can also trade the SHIB tokens by using auto bots like Bitcoin Fast Profit to make money. They can also monitor price fluctuations by using it and decide when to sell them.

Apemax (APEMAX)

Apemax is yet another great meme coin which has the potential to go up in the year 2024. It has launched its tokens and got a name in the crypto industry. The crypto community is hugely investing in it and hoping that its value will increase after some time. People have the option to earn money by staking Apemax coins. The Apex ecosystem is going to assault the Web3 space in the upcoming years. 

Pomerdoge (POMD)

POMD, sometimes referred to as Pomerdoge, is a kind of virtual money that users may use to participate in different activities and games. By taking part in games, cryptocurrency traders and investors may win bitcoin as prizes. It makes money-making enjoyable activities possible. The POMD presale has commenced. The POMD token was first offered for sale for $0.007 each. The cost of these tokens increased as more individuals purchased them. POMD tokens are now valued at $0.009. Experts predict that the currency might be worth more than Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), the other two well-known coins.

Pepecoin (PEPE)

Another well-known meme coin that emerged in April 2023 is Pepecoin. The “Pepe the Frog” memes served as inspiration for Matt Furie’s coin design. There are 420 trillion PepeCoin coins in use now. The majority of them are not readily available since they are kept in a liquidity pool. To get PepeCoin listed on cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX), 6.9% of the coin is maintained in a specific wallet. This increases its liquidity and makes it accessible across several channels. These days, pepecoin is regarded as a valuable cryptocurrency. The coin has a $550 million market capitalization. Its price has increased by almost 1,962% in the last several months. A PepeCoin was valued at $0.00000134 at its highest point.

Digitoads (TOADS)

Digitoads, a meme coin, makes it easier to play to gain features as well as stakes to acquire features. It was introduced on August 21, 2023, and in just two months, it gained popularity on social media. The native Digitoads coin, Toads, has already amassed over $4.4 million in money prior to being launched on Bitmart and Uniswap, two cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, 293 million TOADS are in circulation, with a price of $0.036 per token.

WallStreetBets Meme Coin (WSM)

A brand-new meme coin called WallStreetBets Meme Coin is modelled after the well-known WallStreetBets Reddit community. Its goal is to become a community-driven coin that will be used to finance philanthropic endeavours and increase financial literacy. WSM’s rapid burn rate and restricted token supply are two characteristics that could increase its long-term worth. Note that investing in meme coins has a significant level of risk and volatility. None of the coins on the above list is guaranteed to make you a billionaire. They may be extremely lucrative investments, though, if you’re ready to take the chance.

Is It Wise To Purchase A Meme Coin?

Meme coins give prospective investors a high-risk bet in cryptocurrencies, presenting an intriguing but dangerous scenario. Even while the possibility of being wealthy quickly is alluring, you should proceed with caution and tread carefully on this dangerous ground. The majority of investors would do well to follow the golden rule of cryptocurrency investment, which states that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Meme coins are a prime example of this idea because of their innate volatility and unpredictable nature. The majority of people should proceed cautiously when pursuing the route to riches through meme coins, as it is fraught with dangers.

But hope still clings to the prospect. The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, and it’s possible that the next big meme coin is waiting to be discovered. If they are able to recognize it before the passionate online community sends it “to the moon,” they may become one of the cryptocurrency billionaires. However, this should only be considered a slim chance, comparable to finding a proverbial needle in a haystack.


Meme coins are great for investment purposes. If you want to purchase meme coins, do extensive research about them and check their potential to go high in the future. However, if you buy them, you will also get security along with financial gain. These tokens will become more well-known in a lot of different areas. They will fill in the gaps that exist between existing popular solutions and blockchain technology. These notable assets have found their way into the majority of cryptocurrency portfolios for all of these reasons. 

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