Influencer Insights: Popular YouTubers Share Their Experience with Buying Subscribers

Whether or not to buy subscribers on YouTube is the most complicated decision that often confuses a person. You may find lots of information regarding the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing YouTube subscribers but that may not be able to help you end up with the right decision. Learning from the real experiences of other YouTubers could assist you with deciding whether buying subscribers is worth it or not.

No content creator or YouTuber discloses their practice of buying YouTube subscribers because they want to show their subscribers’ growth and the channel’s success to be achieved organically. Also, in the YouTube community, purchasing engagement in any form like subscribers, comments, and likes is considered a suspicious activity that goes against YouTube’s TOS (terms of service). It can result in their YouTube account being deleted or banned and may also affect their credibility on the platform. That’s a reason no YouTuber, especially a popular content creator wishes to talk about buying subscribers on YouTube.

Fortunately, some YouTubers share their experiences with purchasing subscribers to let content creators make well-informed and confident decisions. To find out what they have to say about purchasing subscribers, keep scrolling down.

Is it okay to buy subscribers on YouTube?

While sharing their experiences, some YouTubers said that there is nothing wrong with purchasing subscribers that come from genuine accounts on the platform. It is something that many content creators are tempted to do at some stage when trying to grow their YouTube channel and videos.

Successfully growing a YouTube channel naturally is a big challenge because lots of creators are promoting and uploading their unique videos on the platform. Receiving organic subscribers will take time and effort. So, buying the desired number of subscribers seems like a straightforward and quick solution. Since it doesn’t break any law or YouTube’s TOS, there is no risk of getting banned or restricted by YouTube. It is 100% legal and safe practice to buy these subscribers.

How could one benefit from purchased YouTube subscribers?

It is good to buy YouTube subscribers that come from active account holders on YouTube. When viewers find a good subscriber count on your channel, they’re more likely to engage with your videos and become potential subscribers. Real subscribers not only help with social media marketing but provide many more advantages including the following –

1. Buy country-specific subscribers

The major advantage of buying subscribers is that you can reach the target audience of a specific area by purchasing subscribers from a particular nation. It may help you expand the audience base without adding extra expenses.

2. Improve social recognition and reputation

When viewers see lots of subscribers on your channel, they are more likely to perceive it to be popular and find its content to be valuable. They are more likely to watch the videos and show their engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments. The higher your channel subscriber count is, the more it provides the perception of worth watching the nature of your videos.

3. Boost visibility

The SEO ranking of your channel is highly dependent on the number of subscribers. YouTube’s algorithm ranks videos with a higher engagement rate and improved social credibility. The more subscribers you get on your YouTube channel, the more chances you will have to improve its ranking on search results. The algorithm is more likely to show your videos on the recommendations, home page, and trending page. 

4. Bring more organic subscribers

When new viewers find your channel with lots of subscribers, a higher engagement rate, and trending on YouTube, they are more likely to become your potential subscribers. This brings more organic traffic and lets more people discover your brand, services, product, or content.

The consequences of buying subscribers depend primarily on the service provider!

While sharing their experiences, YouTubers said that it took them a while to find legitimate and trustworthy sources that could provide them with real and high-quality subscribers. But, eventually find one of them, strictly following the policies and terms of services of YouTube to prevent any possible negative consequences.

If you want to bring lots of subscribers to your YouTube channel with multiple benefits, it is recommended to buy subscribers from reputable providers. For example, Buy Quality Likesuses 100% legitimate marketing methods and offers 100% safe and authentic subscribers, complying with YouTube’s TOS. The company would not ask you to provide any OTP or password. This means that your activities remain completely confidential and secure.

On the other hand, if you’re buying fake subscribers at cheaper costs, it may harm your reputation and end up receiving unengaged subscribers who are not genuinely interested in your content. This may seem like a suspicious activity for YouTube and result in getting your channel deleted or penalized.

Moreover, it can be dangerous for your channel’s growth and affect your monetization strategy. Thus, it is always recommended to understand the difference between genuine, fake, legit, real, instant, and organic subscribers for your YouTube channel. If any provider is promising to offer subscribers instantly within a few minutes, it might be a scammer. The reliable provider delivers services that may take from 2-24 hours based on the count of subscribers.


At the bottom line, purchasing subscribers can make or break your credibility and reputation based on the quality of subscribers you’re receiving. Buying real and high-quality subscribers can bring your channel improved visibility, social proof, popularity, and user engagement. So, check the quality and authenticity of purchased subscribers before making the investment.

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Just be sure to buy subscribers in an amount that seems natural to YouTube’s algorithms. All forms of engagement must be somehow similar in numbers. For example, if your channel has 1000 subscribers but only 100-150 likes, then it is possible that YouTube’s algorithm may easily catch your practice of purchasing subscribers rather than obtaining them organically. So, start with only a specific subscriber count to show your growth naturally and avoid any negative consequences.

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