Practices to Modernize, Maintain, and Future-Proof Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems

Today, software applications power not just businesses but the world and the human experience in its entirety. It is only logical, therefore, to try and catch a glimpse of what the future holds.  Three significant transformations have been going on simultaneously in modernizing your legacy applications. What’s more, they’re interrelated.  This is what we’re seeing: … Read more

Extempore Speech topics-Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions and interviews

Extempore Speech topics

Extempore term is used for something which spoken, done or written without any prior thought. Extempore speech is where you have to speak on a topic for one or two minutes without any kind of preparation beforehand on that topic. These are what we call extempore topics. In the interviews of many companies, college admissions … Read more

Top Five MS Excel Courses in 2022

MS Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel plays an essential role in today’s world. Excel is a spreadsheet application by Microsoft. It is an essential programming instrument. It is a spreadsheet program and is used to create text, numbers, and formulas for different calculations. Excel is very important for businesses to carry out different operations like expenditure, profit and loss, … Read more