MeetMindful’s Data Leaked By Hacker for Hacker 2.28m Meetmindful Facebook Idscimpanuzdnet

The data of more than 2.28 million users of the online dating site MeetMindful has been leaked. However, this leak does not include any messages exchanged by registered users as Hacker 2.28m Meetmindful Facebook Idscimpanuzdnet.

Details of more than 2.28 million users of dating website MeetMindful leaked

If you’ve ever used the dating website MeetMindful, you may have been the victim of a data breach. A well-known hacker, known as ShinyHunters, has leaked a huge trove of information about the users. This includes real names, addresses, email addresses, and authentication tokens for Facebook accounts.

While the site didn’t disclose how many of its members’ information was leaked, it did warn its users. It also claimed that it had identified a flaw and fixed it. But, that didn’t stop the incident from occurring. According to ZDNet, the site’s database was hacked.

After the site’s unsecured Elasticsearch server was hacked, the hacker gained access to a user’s database. He then uploaded a file of the users’ information on a public forum. Since the thread has been viewed more than a thousand times, it’s likely that some of the users downloaded the information.

The leaked file is 1.2 gigabytes (GB) in size. That’s enough to hold the names, birth dates, and IP addresses of about 2.28 million of the site’s users. In addition, the files contain other sensitive data, such as geo-location, Facebook account tokens, and marital status.

As of now, there are no reports of other users having been impacted. However, since the file was released on a public forum, the hackers could easily target anyone who has the file. They can use it to track dating profiles back to real identities.

The data leak was said to have only affected users who signed up before March 2020. Those who signed up after that date haven’t been impacted. The data is still available for download. Users can do so by going to a public file-hosting site. Alternatively, users can contact MeetMindful for more information.

While there isn’t a lot of information about the identity of the hacker, there are reports that he is a member of the infamous ShinyHunters hacking group. These cybercriminals have been involved in several high-profile hacking incidents, including the recent data leak from the e-commerce company Teespring.

During the dating app’s pandemic, major dating apps have been increasing in number. Consequently, malicious actors have searched for vulnerabilities in the platform and have extracted the users’ data. Among other activities, some sites were set up to trick men who were looking for a date. Others were merely scams.

Despite the site’s claim that it had a security service that protects its users from online attacks, the leak indicates that it’s vulnerable to attack. Although the site hasn’t confirmed the leak, its social media channels have been inactive for months.

Until further information is provided, it’s recommended that all MeetMindful users change their passwords and use strong, unique passwords. Besides, it’s important to be vigilant when dealing with social engineering scams. Moreover, it’s important to pay close attention to suspicious activity in general.

Threat actor ShinyHunters behind the leak

ShinyHunters, a cybercrime operation, has claimed responsibility for the recent data breach at MeetMindful. The group has offered over 1.2GB of the stolen user records for free on a public hacker forum. This includes Facebook authentication tokens, email addresses, latitude and longitude, real names and IP addresses.

The hacker accessed the website and obtained the user details of 2.28 million users. He then reportedly shared the stolen information on the Dark Web. After the leak, the company has been issuing notifications to affected users. It has also posted a warning on its website.

While it’s not exactly clear what type of information was leaked, it is possible that the hackers targeted the website in order to obtain user login details. In addition to the Facebook authentication tokens, the user names, passwords, geo-location information, birth dates and email addresses were also included in the harvest.

The leaked MeetMindful data was posted on the Raid Forums, a popular hacker forums that hackers use. Thousands of people have viewed the thread, and the leaked information has been circulating on the internet.

The ShinyHunters group has been active in several high-profile data breaches this year. They are not known for being as prolific as ransomware gangs, but they have managed to cost companies tens of millions of dollars in damages. Their recent activities include claiming credit for the data breach at BigBasket, the data breach at Buyucoin, and the hack at Pixlr.

MeetMindful, a dating site for the “mindful” community, was breached by the ShinyHunters. According to the company’s founder, Keith Gruen, the hacker exploited a vulnerability on the site. Moreover, he said the user database was not fully compromised.

As a result, the MeetMindful users received unpleasant news on Sunday. A notification on the site said that the data breach occurred before March 2020. However, it has yet to confirm whether or not it is true.

ShinyHunters has been involved in a number of data breaches this year, and they have been offering free downloads of the stolen data on the dark web. They have stolen information from 18 different companies. Among them are: Tokopedia, Buyucoin, Teespring, Pixlr, Unacademy, and ChqBook.

Earlier this week, ShinyHunters released the details of millions of Teespring users. The group also claims responsibility for the data breach at Bonobo, a clothing retailer owned by Walmart.

Although the full details of the users were not disclosed, the ShinyHunters group allegedly took credit for the theft of data from the Bonobo and Teespring breaches. These websites allow you to create custom printed apparel and accessories.

Although ShinyHunters’ hack has not been confirmed about Hacker 2.28m Meetmindful Facebook Idscimpanuzdnet, it is important to monitor the actor’s activity to protect yourself from future attacks. If you think your information has been compromised, it’s best to change your passwords and change the password on any other account you have on MeetMindful.

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