5 Strategies To Increase Your Conversion Through Reels

The reel is a feature that allows you to record, edit, and share 15-second videos on the already-existing Instagram platform. Despite being mocked for being a TikTok knockoff, Instagram Reels have persevered through all the criticism to become one of the best content formats that businesses, influencers, and consumers all adore.

Reels and Instagram Stories are comparable, yet there are some significant distinctions. Reels, for example, offer a greater selection of video editing tools, augmented reality effects, and speed adjustments. You can also mix various films, aligning and editing them to make transitions that are smooth.

Better engagement and more views result from posting a 30-second clip as a Reel as opposed to a video. So what makes Reels so unique in the first place? How can you leverage it in your brand strategy? The answers to these and many other queries are provided below.

Unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels offers a greater audience reach. On average, 2 to 3 per cent of people will view your post as your Instagram stories if you have 1000 followers.  However, the Explore feature in it assures that your viewership significantly improves if you post the same video as a Reel (between 100 to 200).

Instagram Reels have the potential to be more engaging and catchier. While creators produce material that attracts more readers and retains their interest, as a small business owner you can hire a freelance social media manager to create and manage content for your business. This is made possible by Instagram Reels’ built-in Explore feature, which makes it easier to make engaging Reels more quickly. If perfectly strategized, Instagram reels can be a great way to generate higher conversion rates. 


Launch new product

Are you introducing a brand-new good or service? If you tease fresh information via countdown Reels in the days (or weeks) leading up to the launch, and Instagram Reel is an excellent promotional tool to get people fired up about all this.

In your reels, you can advertise your new goods or services by using humorous one-liners. Reels will allow you to better market your products, whether you offer gadgets, clothing, sportswear, or anything else. You can use the brief movies to explain your product’s advantages or its mechanism of operation. You can create Reels to show your customers how to use and unbox products.

Try to include a call to action at the conclusion of each reel, encouraging viewers to subscribe to your podcast, download your free ebook, sign up for your free masterclass, or register for your offline classes. A Call to action will motivate your audience to engage with your business offering.


Collaborate with influencers

People are often easily swayed by influencers. This is why collaborating with influencers and asking them to produce and promote videos on your behalf is a fantastic idea. Influencers only need to write a few brief reviews of a product or service and let the users know how beneficial they found it. Your target audience will be affected in a chain reaction if you include influencers in your Instagram Reels.

You can also take off the effort of creating a perfect interesting reel, especially if you collaborate on content with an influencer. This relieves you of the burden of producing a Reel while also allowing you to benefit from the influencer’s audience. According to estimates, the influencer marketing business will be worth $13.8 billion by 2022, and the vast majority of brands claim Instagram is the most crucial platform for their influencer marketing initiatives.


Solve potential clients queries

Speaking of content suggestions, your social media marketers don’t have to come up with all of the themes for your Reels. Ask other departments, such as sales and customer service, what inquiries your leads make most frequently so that you can build Reels around those subjects.

Companies can produce quick how-to films that provide clients with relief from their problems by addressing their pain areas. For example, a company selling food products can make a reel of the entire baking process of one of their food item.

This is an excellent lead-generating technique since it helps you develop a good relationship with your prospects and gives them answers to their inquiries without requiring you to physically create a direct message or reply. Additionally, this gives your sales and customer service personnel more time to work on projects other than responding to the same questions repeatedly. To us, this situation is a win-win.

Talk about the concerns of the audience

Knowing who uses which platform and learning about their behaviour as a result is not sufficient. You must take it a step further and develop buyer personas.

Speaking of comprehending your ideal client, identify the pain areas that your leads are probably experiencing using the information from your buyer persona. Make the problem the focus of your Instagram Reel to demonstrate that you are aware of their suffering and are eager to assist in finding a solution.

Demonstrate your product in a way that makes your audience realise how your offering is the best solution to their problems. The more specific this persona may be, the better. And you’re not required to stop with one. To completely develop a social media conversion plan, create multiple reels that can offer solutions to more than one of your audiences’ problems.

Do not focus only on sales

This brings up the original query of why individuals use social media in the first place. You’d be set if all customers wanted to see were advertisements and material that promoted sales. But generally speaking, this is not the case. Users seek entertainment. They seek information.

Final Words

You must establish trusting ties with your supporters. Your brand will therefore be at the top of their minds when they are ready to make a purchase. Making informative Reels is a fantastic method to achieve this. Choose a few subjects that interest your audience the most, then demonstrate your knowledge of them in your Reel.

Include content occasionally linking to your goods or services. However, regardless of your industry, you must also provide customers with what they want in order to make your followers feel heard. Instead of trying to sell to your leads all the time, your objective should be to connect with them.

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