Effective Information Regarding the Use of UNT Canvas

The University of Texas has changed the method of eLearning for their students in 2019. UNT Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) adopted by this university, which is preferred over the traditional Blackboard Learn. It is very simple and easy for users, as students need a user-friendly app for pursuing their higher studies online at this university. They can have a view of all online courses offered by the University of Texas in Canvas.

  • Students can easily gain access to Canvas through the website of the University of Texas https://www.unt.edu/. They need to click on ‘Canvas’ written on the top right-hand corner of this webpage to enter the homepage of Canvas.
  • Alternately, they can type https://unt.instructure.com/login/dap on the web browser space to enter the UNT Canvas
  • Then they need to enter their UNT User id or EUID and the password to log in to the Canvas homepage.
  • They can check the available online courses on the Dashboard of this webpage of Canvas. The scheduled first day of each course is also mentioned here so that students can apply according to their convenience.
  • They can visit the homepage of each course to know further details about it. If any specific information about a course is missing there or access to that page is denied, a student should immediately notify the professor related to that course.

How do you get the User id for entering the Canvas page?

The Enterprise User Id (EUID) is provided to each student of the University of Texas so that they can have online access to all institutional services provided by this university. This EUID is used as the user id to gain access to the UNT Canvas page.  If a student is not aware of his/her EUID, he/she should contact the Help Desk of the UNT to resolve this issue immediately.

Can you change the Canvas login password?


If a student wants to change the given password of his/her login id to the UNT Canvas app, he/she should sign in by entering the old password on the login page. There will be a series of instructions for changing the password, which should be followed to accomplish the job. However, it is essential to change and save the new password of UNT on all devices which the student uses to gain access to this app so that they do not face any hindrance while logging into the app in the future.


Procedure for registering in courses featured on the Canvas app


Students can enroll in distance-learning courses at the University of Texas. Since all these courses are enlisted on the UNT Canvas app, they should sign in with the user id and password that they obtain after enrolling in this university. They can use their Enrolment title to register for their preferred courses through this Canvas app. This Enrolment title will also help them in searching for their classes, dropping or adding something to update the course registration. They should keep a printout of class schedules and bills featured on Canvas. The Enrolment Guide provided in this app can help students to add, drop, or delete materials online for registering for their desired UNT courses.


Online submission of assignments on the Canvas app


  • Students can submit their assignments online while pursuing courses at the University of Texas in eLearning mode. They should follow the directions of their online instructors to submit assignments. If they need to resubmit their assignments after correction, they should do so if allowed by instructors of specific courses.
  • Students can have access to the Dashboard of UNT Canvas where they need to navigate to their enrolled courses. They should tap on the ‘Assignment’ button to get a view of a specific assignment.
  • Then the ‘Start Assignment’ button should be tapped to submit that assignment online. Then the submission procedure should be chosen to complete the procedure.
  • ‘Student Annotation tab’ should be tapped to submit an annotated document here, which cannot be availed in the case of a group submission.
  • The file created for the assignment can be uploaded by tapping the ‘File Upload tab’.
  • Finally, the ‘Submit Assignment’ button should be tapped to complete the entire procedure.




UNT Canvas works well on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Thus, students can use this app on all types of computers and mobile devices for eLearning of their dream courses at the University of Texas

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