Link Earning vs Link Building: A Comprehensive Analysis

Links play a very important role in our website’s search engine optimization (SEO) due to many reasons. It helps new websites to get discovered by web crawlers and old websites gain authority and trust. Similar is Link Building and Link Earning which can not only help with your digital authority but make your website more visible. In this article, we will be discussing Link Earning vs. Link Building, the significance they hold, and their differences.

What is Link Earning?

Creating high-quality and valuable content that other websites find worthwhile to link to their own website organically is called Link Earning. This is a very famous strategy used by many to gain natural links by not pursuing them but through informative content only. This method helps your website to get better search engine ranking as well as earn credibility and trustworthiness in your sector.

In simple terms “Content is King”. This means if you want to succeed then you should focus your attention on writing informative, shareable, and engaging content. When big and authoritative websites find your content interesting they will link it to their website. By this, your content will gain more traction and reputation than ever before.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is not that different from Link Earning and you can even consider it a different side of the same coin. It is a proactive way to gain links to your content by actively asking as well as persuading bigger websites. Many creators execute this technique in different ways such as collaborations, guest posting, and outreach emails. There are other methods which you can find on the internet as well.

When you use this technique you have almost all the control over your backlink profile. It is especially helpful for those creators who want to target highly competitive places or want traction from a specific keyword. In addition to all these benefits, you as a creator can also raise your website’s authority.

Key Differences Between Link Earning and Link Building

Now that we have a rough understanding of what both of them mean and their use cases, let’s see the key differences in Link Earning vs. Link Building.

In terms of the Nature of the links, Link Building focuses on gaining natural and organic links. However, Link Building focuses on obtaining links by actively pursuing other bigger websites via outreach, collaboration, and other ways.

If you look at their differences according to “Content” then you will find engaging and highly informative quality of content in Link Earning. Whereas in Link Building the emphasis is on link acquisition techniques and less focus on the content.

Link Growth is another factor where you will find differences between them. When you are working with Link Earning you will have a very slow and steady growth with your high-quality content. But with Link Building your growth will be faster and it will depend on your persuasive skills and active efforts.

Looking at the risk involved in both of these techniques you will see that Link Earning has a super low chance of getting penalties as all of their earned links are natural. However, with Link Building you have a very high chance of getting punished if you are not careful with your active approach.

Last but not least, with long-term sustainability Link Earning has a higher chance of surviving in the long run whereas Link Building will fail as soon as active efforts fall behind to maintain links. Commonly known as high risk high reward and low risk low reward situations.

Backlinks and Its Importance

After learning about Link Earning vs. Link Building you might be wondering why everyone is hung up on backlinks. To answer this question let’s now understand what it is and what importance it holds in Search Engine Optimisation.

You can think of “Backlinks” as referrals or when other websites put a link to your content on their website. It holds a very high significance in the SEO world due to several factors including vote of confidence, relevance, links, popularity, trust, etc.

Other than that, if you get backlinks from some big and well-known webpage then you will gain more visitors and search engines will see your website as important. This will let you gain a high placement in search results.


Links are not things of the past and nor are they going away anytime soon. There are many benefits of backlinks and they directly correspond to Link Earning and Link Building. However, there are some differences between them and you need to understand them first in order to improvise your digital strategy. In this article, we have talked about Link Earning vs. Link Building as well as what they are and key differences.

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