Where is Honey in the Grocery Store? Lets Find!

You just stepped inside a grocery store or a mart to buy honey and seeing the HUGEE! Size of grocery mart or departmental store has put you in wondering “where is honey in the grocery store” or “where to find honey in grocery store”?

Well, if you’ve also got the same question then you need not to worry as our this article brings solution to all your problems related to finding honey in a grocery store.
Some might be wondering ‘why an article about finding honey in a grocery store?!’. It is because of the nature of the honey. Honey acts as a sweetener, behaves like a jam or like some thick syrup and is produces in local bee farms. This makes it difficult for the customers visiting the grocery store to distinguish out the section in which they can find honey.

After entering in a grocery store, if you’re wondering ‘what aisle is honey in’ then you need to check out the Condiments aisle. In stores like Target, Aldi and Walmart, honey is kept in this aisle. You may also find it with sauces and other toppings.

If you’re unable to find honey in the condiments aisle among sauces, then check out where the jams are kept. There is a chance that honey is kept with jams in some of the stores. It is also kept with Tea sometimes.

In some stores, honey is placed with sugar and other sweeteners as honey also has extremely sweet taste and is often used as a sweetener.

If the brand of the honey you’re searching for uses glass jars for packaging then stores may place these on higher shelves where other breakable items are placed.

How to identify honey in a supermarket?

Being able to identify honey by just looking at its packaging will help you in getting the answer of ‘where is honey in the grocery store’ or ‘where to find honey in grocery store’ quickly.

Honey comes packed inside jars or bottles of various sizes. Sometimes bear shaped squeezable bottles are also used for its packaging. The honey has a rich golden color which can be seen from outside the jar.

The labels which honey manufacturing companies use generally have a honey bee, a honeycomb or a bear displayed on it. These elements are enough to catch your eye when you’re walking through a grocery store. So if you entered inside a grocery store wondering ‘where to find a honeycomb in grocery store’, here’s your answer to it. You can find it on the labels of the  jars of honey.

Significance of Honey

Honey has been around in the kitchen for centuries now. It is a commonly used and so much versatile ingredient which is also easily available in many parts of the world. Honey is also used as a soothing agent in sore throat.

The best type of honey is the one which is raw and unprocessed, straight out of the farms. Processing honey takes away some of its nutritional values. The raw honey is also free of additives and preservatives.

Price of the honey in market

The price at Kroger for 12 ounces of honey is just above $4 and for the same Walmart charges is around $3.50. Price of honey is generally influenced by a lot of factors. Quantity, brand and type majorly determine what will be the price of the jar of honey.

Organic honey is generally more expensive as the companies manufacturing it claim it to be closest to the raw and unprocessed honey. If you buy Nature Nate’s 16 Ounces of raw and organic honey, it will cost you $10.50. As you can see, this is around two times more expensive than the processed honey available in the market.

An eight ounce jar of manuka honey, which is a rich honey, costs around $20.

The best known brands of Honey

After getting answer to ‘where to find honey in the grocery store’, you might be wondering which brand to buy? The shelves contain jars of a lot many brands and it becomes difficult for a customer to determine a good and valued brand among them.

Don’t worry! We’ve sorted out your this problem too. Below we are giving you a list of honey brands which are some of the top honey manufacturers in the market and you should definitely try honey of their brand out.

  • Bee Harmony Honey
  • Simple Truth Organic
  • Nature Nate’s
  • Desert Creek
  • Prince and Spring Organic

Utilize the online option

If you’re looking to buy honey and can’t find it in your nearest grocery store then take a moment. If it is needed urgently then you’ll have to search for it in the other grocery stores too but if it is not so urgent there is an option of online shopping open before you.

Online store will take time to deliver the product to your home but its much more convenient given that you can give it time. You don’t need to go in some grocery store, search aisle to aisle for honey, just search for it in some online shopping website like Amazon. Another benefit of shopping online is that you get to choose from a large number of brands.


Storing Honey after buying

If you do not pay attention towards the storage of honey once you open the jar you have bought, it will become useless in few days. The best way to store honey is to store it in the glass jars. Metal or plastic jars cause honey to oxidize.

Also, keep the jar of honey away from heat. Heat causes honey’s flavor to change and you surely don’t want that to happen to some sweetener.

Whenever you need honey, take a dry and clean utensil to scoop the honey out of the jar. Moisture makes honey contaminated and makes it go bad. Cooler temperatures can also cause moisture in the honey, thus it is important to store honey at room temperature for its long life.

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