Brief Answer to Which Bidding Option is Best Suited for an Advertiser Focused on Direct Response Marketing Goals?

During the Google Ads Display Certification exam if you encounter the question, “which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on direct response marketing goals?”, then what is the correct answer? This article helps you in finding out the correct answer for this question and also offers a precise explanation related to the correct answer.

• Cost–per–click
• Viewable cost–per–thousand impressions (vCPM)
• Effective cost–per–thousand impressions (eCPM)
• Cost–per–interaction (CPI)

Correct Answer: Cost-Per-Click

Explanation for Cost-Per-Click

Advertising is something on which many companies today are laying their focus upon. They work extensively on attracting customers towards their product and are continuously researching and implementing different methods to do so.
This has turned the market into a competitive playground where the company that can attract the most customers gets ahead of the others.

Thus, it becomes crucial for companies to focus on methods that can provide them instant results and help them in beating up the competition. One such method is Cost-Per-Click.

What is Cost Per Click (CPC)?

CPC is an advertising method where the advertiser pays for every click on his ad. In this, advertisers approach blogs and websites to show their ads on them and for every click that they get on that ad, advertiser has to pay some cost associated with that click to the website owner.

As an advertiser this is the best bid for you due to the following reasons:
• It is cost effective. This method costs advertisers less than all the other methods of advertising mentioned.
• It gives you direct response by taking customer directly to your product and its details just in a single click.
• This also helps in increasing the traffic on your website a lot. As the customer visiting has already found your product lucrative, that’s why he clicked on the ads, thus the chances of your product being sold increase.

Google Ads and their CPC prices

There are three different Googls Ads campaigns that can help you in getting instant results.
Search for ads
• Advertise
• Video Ads

The most popular advertising campaign among these is search engine advertising. This offers you a chance to advertise with advertisers and share with them thriller goals and audience demographics.

You can also keep track of your advertising by using real time analysis tools.
This option is useful for advertisers only when they want direct traffic on their website. If advertisers want to have more views on their ads, then per impression bidding is the best option for them.
Per Impression bidding is useful in the cases where advertisers think that their ad is emotionally stimulating rather than asking for a direct response.

Before choosing Google AdWords for advertisement, it should be clear in the advertisers mind that what exactly their goals are. Google functions in the direction to help advertisers in meeting their goals and for this advertisers should specify the action clearly. Whether it’s the traffic that they want or they want customers to view their ads, this all should be clear in their minds. This will help them in utilizing the AdWords by Google efficiently and they can meet the goals that they have set.


As the businesses are rapidly moving online, the competition is becoming more and more fierce and the advertising industry is also focusing on a lot more creative methods. In these times, its important for advertisers to know that “which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on direct response marketing goals”. Our article has provided you answer for this and a brief explanation related to that.
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