With which of these Enterprise Platform Businesses does Accenture hold a partnership?

Accenture is a major global provider of technology and consulting services, serving a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. Accenture has partnered with a wide variety of enterprise platform providers, such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Google, etc. Accenture is better equipped to learn from and collaborate with other leading companies because to these connections. In addition, it works towards the enhancement of client-side business processes and the realisation of digital transformation objectives. Read on to learn about the enterprise platform companies with whom Accenture has formed strategic alliances.

With which of these enterprise platform businesses does accenture hold a partnership? To know more scrol down!


Salesforce is a company that specialises in customer relationship management (CRM) software and apps for use in many industries, including but not limited to sales, customer support, marketing automation, e-commerce, and application development. Evidently, businesses are able to optimise their marketing operations and their connections with customers thanks to Salesforce’s strategic alliance with Accenture.


Accenture and Google have formed a strategic relationship to utilise Google’s Cloud technologies to better serve their respective clients. Therefore, Accenture can achieve digital transformation with the help of Google’s cloud computing, AI, and Machine Learning technologies. Helping customers transition their IT systems and programmes to the cloud is a natural area of concentration for the collaboration.


Accenture’s collaboration with SAP, a German multinational software firm that makes enterprise software for managing corporate operations and Customer Relations, is one of the company’s most fruitful collaborations. SAP is certain that it will be able to supply Accenture with its cutting-edge ERP software thanks to the company’s strategic partnership with SAP. Accenture may be able to develop solutions and improve company operations with the help of SAP if it is allowed to provide advisory services to the software giant.

Is Accenture a partner of myConcerto?

One of Accenture’s most productive partners, myConcerto is dedicated to providing the consulting firm with industry-leading thought leadership, innovation, and experience. The collaboration’s primary goal is to facilitate and speed up the technological transformation of businesses by centralising all of these features on a single platform. MyConcerto was built with the user in mind, with the goal of unlocking the full potential of the workforce via the provision of simple yet powerful tools.


As a result, Accenture has been able to keep its worldwide alliances healthy and fruitful. Without a doubt, it has improved the company’s ability to acquire new technology. Its partnerships have also contributed to the expansion of marketing and sales operations and the improvement of customer service. Accenture is able to realise its digital transformation objectives and improve company operations because to the strategic alliances it has formed.

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What is an instance of an enterprise platform’s experience component?

Enterprise platforms are businesses that have adopted a standard method of facilitating client payment procedures. One popular type of experience component in a corporate platform is a mobile application. Customers may make payments conveniently and easily using the app.

Is there a relationship between Accenture and Salesforce Enterprise Platform Companies?

Yes, Accenture and Salesforce are partners, which facilitates improved efficiency in the firms’ customer service and marketing efforts. The majority of the work is accomplished by means of their CRM systems and other technologies. 

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