Optimise Outbound Calls Predictive Dialer Software

Automation has found its use in almost every industry, and call and contact centers are no different. Many companies still bank on telephony technology to reach new customers or to provide customer support. To connect with customers, there are companies in which agents need to manually make calls, but a lot of inefficiencies come with this process. So this is where predictive dialers come into the picture to solve these problems and empower you with one of the most effective ways to fuel efficiency while reducing costs. Let’s read further to learn more about call center predictive dialer software and know what benefits they have to offer you.

A Predictive Dialer is an intelligent outbound call processing and managing software for businesses with huge call volumes. It comes with the functionality of automated dialing that automatically calls the number on the contact list, and agents do not have to dial numbers manually which directly impacts their performance and productivity. Not just that, this software reduces the downtime to zero and increases efficiency by calling as many contacts as possible. Therefore, a predictive dialer system is the ideal and fastest solution for outbound calling for business with customer-facing departments such as call centers.

Key Benefits of Predictive Auto Dialer Software


  1. Enhances Agent’s Productivity and Efficiency: According to a recent survey, predictive dialing potentially boosts an agent’s productivity by 200-300 percent. Using the algorithms, a predictive dialer uses the behaviour pattern records to make multiple calls simultaneously which increases their talk time and significantly improves their productivity. Predictive dialer software has the functionality to determine the call duration and intelligently assign the next call to a specific agent. This ultimately results in a high contact rate, more sales, and more profit. In addition, it frees up the call center agents from repetitive work that may add up to hours and maximise their productivity so that they can focus on nurturing and converting more leads in a day.
  1. Reduces Idle Time : Manual dialing leads to an increased idle time for each agent. Instead of the agent spending most of their time dialing multiple phone numbers hoping that the call will be answered, the predictive dialer system does all the necessary routine steps, allowing the call center agents to wait and accept calls. This process ensures that each agent can attend more calls during their shift timings which ultimately results in reduced idle time and increased agent efficiency. Additionally, it checks the agent’s availability and routes missed calls to those who are free to handle the next call. This helps agents to save more time and take more calls each day by reducing idle time.
  2. Increases Talk Time: Given that with predictive dialers, agents do not have to spend time waiting in line, it becomes easier for them to spend more time interacting with customers. Not only this, but it also enables them to provide better customer service and support which improves the customer experience. In addition to this, they do not need to spend time asking for details from the customers or looking for their data in the system. With predictive dialers, they get access to all the necessary details and information of the customers that they need on or before a call.
  1. Boost Sales: With the help of predictive auto dialer software, businesses with call centers can increase the number of calls in a day and their quality. While not every call is 100% successful, it is true to say that this software enables agents to answer more calls, which increases the possibility of more lead conversions. It is highly inefficient for businesses to follow manual dialling to connect with customers as it may cause a delay in the lead generation process. Rather, businesses should have a simplified lead generation and management process, and auto-dialers are meant to do just that.
  2. Enhance Customer Service: In the call centers, there is always a possibility that two agents call the same customer at the same time or that a call goes unreturned. These types of issues can easily be solved with predictive dialers. Using the predictive dialling tools, the possibility of such human errors can be reduced as these dialers enable your system to be automated and handle more call connections at any given time. Unlike calls made at odd hours in call centers, predictive auto dialer software allow agents or callers to schedule their time at specific, convenient times which not just improves the experience of customers but also enables them to be loyal to your business.

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Predictive auto dialers can be an incredible asset to any business. Apart from saving a lot of agents’ time and increasing their productivity, they can back them up with all the required customer data to convince them about making a purchase.

If you are looking for a predictive dialer for your business, look no further. HoduSoft offers the best predictive dialer software as it not only saves time but also reduces a lot of operational costs. Integration of this software with your core contact center applications to offer you benefits like higher agent retention, incremental profits, and productivity, optimised outbound call process, and many more. With a wide range of unique and robust calling features, HoduSoft’s predictive dialer software is a VoIP system that is designed to enhance all facets of business campaigns.

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