Why NCERT books are important in your preparation of your board exams?

What are the reasons why we need NCERT books for your board exams? When it comes to your board examinations all of us want our preparation to be precise and you need the right resources to study. Hence the choice of the proper study material is tough for the students and a few of them would fail if they are not precise with the choice of study material for their board exams. Class 12 Physics NCERT books are of considerable help at this juncture.

NCERT books for your board exams?

Mostly the students end up following the CBSE board released materials to prepare and score high marks in the board exams. But a few of them do not pay attention to CBSE related questions and end up failing the examinations. So it is advisable for the students to choose the correct study material that is being released by the official board.

Each year the students are known to release a new CBSE syllabus curriculum and this is even before the academic year starts. Based on this the board releases the blue print, study material and the exam patterns. Even NCERT is known to distribute primary and secondary books based on this module. Such books are termed as NCERT books and are recommended by the CBSE board for their students. This helps them to prepare for their annual board exams. One of the major benefits of using NCERT books is that it focuses on the fundamental of each and every subject which follows the latest CBSE curriculum. Hence the students are able to clear their doubts on any subject that they may have. So students are able to address the queries. So it is important to understand the importance of NCERT books at the time of preparing for the board exams.

Even NCERT has gone on to design exemplar  problems in Maths and Science which is for the primary and the secondary levels. It is going to provide the students time and practice to solve the problems or the questions that are necessary for the final exams. It covers the repeated questions that may be asked during the course of the exams. When you are studying for board exams there are definite advantages. There are some definite advantages of class 12 Physics chapter, This brings us to the major question why NCERT books are needed for the board exams.

How NCERT Books are Importance for Students

  • Authentic information- All the NCERT books are developed by subject matter experts after you undertake extensive research on each subject. The solutions are bound to be checked twice by the professional teachers once they go under publishing. NCERT books are the best resource for exam preparation and to score better in your exams.
  • An in depth knowledge is provided in an easy to understand language- The NCERT books are developed in such a manner so as to help every student, in relation to the emotional quotient. Hence apt solutions and knowledge in an easy to understandable language. Each and every minute detail is explained in details for understanding complex subjects and it is known to provide clarification to all your doubts.
  • Addresses all your queries- the books of NCERT would cover the fundamentals and basics of each subject, to aid in the students understand the concepts easily.
  • Adheres to the CBSE curriculum- Another important point to consider is that the books of NCERT strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum. Hence students can find all the topics and the questions which is based on the latest curriculum of CBSE and the exam structure is the same. So the students do not have any form of confusion from both the organizations. NCERT books are enough for the board exams but even for the competitive exams like JEE and all.
  • Provides numerous questions for solving- NCERT provides a number of problems or questions that are necessary for the final exams. You can get all those questions from books and practice well for the exams. At the end of each chapter or book questions are provided by the NCERT experts for more practicing. All the subjects are obtained at a single place.


When it comes to your board exams these are some important points to consider and NCERT books is an ideal solution. All the solutions to your questions are provided in these books and this is done free of cost. If you are looking for more updates then it is better to go through the CBSE books as they will guide you on the further course of action.

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