Different Digital Marketing Job Roles For your Career Success

If you are studying marketing at university, or thinking about it, you may be intrigued to find out which career opportunities a degree in this subject can offer you. In this article we explore some of the main digital marketing job roles to give you a better insight into where your career path could take you by crack your Digital Marketing Interview.

SEO specialist

One of the more traditional digital marketing roles is that of an SEO marketer, needed ever since search engines began. An SEO specialist performs website optimisation to ensure it is search engine friendly, helping a site to rank well in organic search results. The idea is to create relevant content that is keyword optimised to drive website traffic and provide a positive user experience. An SEO expert will be required to identify strategies, techniques and tactics with the aim of boosting site visibility and traffic.


This form of digital marketing takes time to bear results due to the many factors involved. However, with continuous effort and an effective strategy, it is possible to secure SEO success for the long term.

Digital marketing web developer

A website developer is responsible for designing, developing, testing and monitoring websites. Their primary role is to make a website aesthetically pleasing and functional. They will need to have an excellent understanding of coding to create websites that are effective, search engine friendly and provide a positive user experience.


Some people may feel that a website development is more of an IT role, however, it is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Website development contributes to how a customer perceives a brand, it is basically the virtual storefront of a company. What’s more, a developer is responsible for ensuring that a website is crawlable and indexable to search engines so that users can find the website in the first place.


Digital agencies such as Ultimedia are dedicated to developing websites using Optimizely to create the best possible user experiences. They do this by integrating A/B testing to work out what works and what doesn’t. This testing is typically completed by web developers and can be extremely beneficial to a website’s growth.

Account manager

In marketing, an account manager has the role of overseeing client accounts, maintaining a positive business relationship through their marketing efforts. Account managers are typically the main point of contact for employers and present results to clients in regular meetings. The day to day role of an account manager involves meeting the clients needs, problem solving, managing communications and driving projects to completion.

Data analyst

Whilst many companies require data analysts for a variety of reasons, they play a key role in effective digital marketing. Their job is to examine and monitor customer behaviour, market statistics and website performance. They then must interpret these findings and feed these back to the rest of the marketing team to work together to produce an effective marketing solution and strategy.


A copywriter in digital marketing is responsible for writing the text for promotional, marketing, instructional and advertising purposes. Content should be engaging, well written and optimised for researched keywords. It is paramount that all copy is proofread, accurate and high quality. Copy also contributes to SEO marketing as the more quality content on a website, the more likely it will get picked up by search engines leading to better rankings in search results.

PPC marketer

A PPC specialist manages pay-per-click advertising campaigns. These campaigns can be anything from paid search, display advertising, social media to remarketing.  A PPC marketer is responsible for implementing an effective PPC strategy. It can be a challenging role that requires data and analytical skills, ability to think out of the box, an excellent understanding of Google AdWords and close attention to detail.

Social media marketer

The role of a social media marketing combines digital marketing skills with social media management abilities to enhance a companies social media presence. The responsibilities can vary from customer interactions to developing social media strategies and implementing campaigns. Social media marketers jobs may be integrated with paid advertising so may need to be able to manage a budget for social post promotions.


PR stands for public relations and as the name suggests, it involves monitoring the public and media’s opinion of a brand (client or employer). Planning and carrying out an effective campaign means writing and editing press releases, newsletters, websites and social media content. This job role is important in marketing because it helps establish and maintain a good public image.

Email marketing specialist

Email marketing specialists are responsible for creating and monitoring email campaigns. Their role involves ensuring design and layouts of emails are optimised and user friendly. Like a copywriter, it is important they have attention to detail and proofread any emails before sending them out.


Hopefully this article has given you a better insight into the marketing industry and the different job opportunities available. There are a number of other marketing related job roles that we have not mentioned as ultimately, titles, roles and responsibilities are dependent on each individual company or agency. 
We wish you to become the digital marketing expert and rule the industry.

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