Microsoft Outlook Is More than About Communicating For Entrepreneurs 

Getting a business up and running is a tough challenge for most entrepreneurs. Establishing a credible, reliable, and trustworthy business image is vital. A lot depends on how the target audience perceives the business when they see the business name and email address in an advertisement, a product brochure, or even a business card. Many people instantly dismiss the idea of dealing with a business that relies on free email services like Gmail and does not have its email with its business name as the domain name. If the extra credibility that comes from your business email built on Microsoft Outlook is not a good enough reason for adopting it, here are some more important reasons:

High Degree of Scalability

Microsoft Outlook is a stable and powerful business productivity platform that combines business email and tools in one integrated package. Because of its highly integrated and advanced capabilities, it is regarded as the gold class in corporate productivity. Entrepreneurs will love that they can keep pace with the needs and requirements of businesses as they scale up rapidly without having to keep making new investments. They can keep using the same Outlook package from Day One when they have zero sales revenue to when they become a big business with a multi-country footprint. While entrepreneurs can start with a single email address at the time of inception, they can keep adding more addresses as they add employees or functions. These individual email addresses can be added and removed whenever needed.

User-Friendly Features Take the Stress Out

One of the main reasons for the success of Outlook is its user-friendly features and easy navigation for mail users. All the tools and features are organized into intuitive and easy-to-navigate categories for the convenience of users. As a result, users of Outlook do not have a steep learning curve and can complete their tasks faster to stay ahead of the curve. All entrepreneurs interested in boosting their business productivity should seriously consider installing Microsoft Outlook for its advanced and feature-rich capabilities and user-friendliness. Even though you can experience data corruption in Outlook under certain circumstances, resolving it is not a problem since Outlook comes with a built-in tool to fix PST issues.

24×7 Remote Working Capabilities

The recent COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the world has underlined how vital it is for businesses to keep operating by enabling remote working capabilities for their personnel. While remote working was considered a perk for senior employees for better work-life balance or for people out in the field unable to access the workplace physically, it is now mandatory in almost all businesses. In such situations, you need to have all your email documents accessible for unhindered work productivity. People working remotely can use multiple devices to access their email instantly with Microsoft Outlook. You can have instant access to your email on portable devices like smartphones and tablets that are increasingly becoming popular in the workplace with the push email function. You can read your emails the instant they land on the server and respond to them appropriately, keeping your business ahead. Microsoft Outlook allows you to stay on the ball even in dynamic environments because you can sync your calendars, contacts, and tasks effortlessly. With even the most basic plan of Microsoft 365, besides email, you can get 1 TB of cloud storage, the capability to call and chat with 300 users and access the Microsoft Office suite of products. Further, with all documents residing on the cloud, collaboration with others users is possible in real-time, giving your business the agility to stay ahead.

Secure Email Experience

A hacker breaching your security is a common occurrence nowadays. According to Cybercrime Magazine, sixty percent of SME go out of business within 6 months of experiencing a cyber-attack or a data breach. Other studies reveal that more than half of business security incidents were due to compromises in business email. With remote working becoming the norm, one can expect this number to climb exponentially. With Microsoft Outlook email, businesses, small and big, get a very high degree of security in the email application regardless of whether the operations are in-office or remote. Apart from the very strong spam filtering settings to filter phishing emails, Microsoft Outlook also offers users the facility to customize their spam filter settings depending on the requirement. Outlook also provides the extra security of multifactor authentication to prevent passwords from being stolen from careless users. Related Microsoft Outlook Blogs,  [pii_email_9e39a8e26f41659213e5] [pii_email_2eb2ea5842f2ed65f77c]

Final words

With the Microsoft Outlook email client installed in your business, you immediately get the assurance of reliability and credibility that comes from associating with a leader in its business niche. You get to brand your email communication with your domain name and access the most modern technology with powerful anti-spam and anti-phishing tools to keep your business secure from data breaches. Last but not the least; you get a high degree of user-friendless that can take your productivity several notches up.

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