9 Smart Online Shopping Tips to Save Money & Get Discounts

There’s hardly anybody who doesn’t know how to shop online. But do you know how to shop smartly online? The convenience of online shopping has deprived us of the pleasure of bargaining. But you can still crack a cheap deal through smart ways to shop online. Read on to know how!

Apply these 9 online shopping hacks and get what you want at the best price!

Apply these 9 online shopping hacks and get what you want at the best price!

  1. Take Reviews With a Pinch of Salt

You depend significantly on the reviews since you can’t checkout the product in person. However, don’t believe every word you read. A lot of them are made up. Therefore check the reviews on multiple platforms for the same product before deciding on anything. Also, look out for specific features you need a review on, like colour, size, fit, etc.

  1. Use Credit Cards to Pay

When you make a payment with a credit card, you get the opportunity to earn cashback and points. You can also explore virtual credit cards and platforms providing quick loans for online purchases. These loans and cards are easy and quick to get as idea loan.

Financial tools like credit cards and loans for online shopping provide you with a facility to pay later. But ensure that you take that much liability only that you can repay. Otherwise, these facilities prove costly to use.

  1. Use Plug-ins to Compare

Various useful plug-ins are available on Google Chrome for free, which makes your browser smarter. These browser extensions report additional information about the product when you are looking at it. Or you can simply site-hop to see a product’s price on various sites to compare before you shop it online.

  1. Leverage on Cashback Opportunities

Always look for opportunities to earn some cashback whenever you shop online. It’s as good as a discount. Many credit cards or banks provide you with cashback. You also get many browser extensions to earn cashback from various websites.

There are apps with the only purpose of giving you cashback. Explore all the options!

  1. Match the Price Online

Do you remember when you used to tell the shopkeeper that you could get a better deal for the same product from another store? Guess what! You can do that online as well. Brands like Walmart and Home Depot match the competitor’s prices.

One of the smart ways to shop online is to keep a written record of prices in a notebook or a folder of screenshots. Based on this information, try requesting price adjustment via emails or chat window from the website or retailer.

  1. Choose the Correct Time to Shop Online

Choose the correct time and date for online shopping. There are special days like festivals and national holidays when maximum offers are spread across the internet. One of the critical online shopping hacks is to look for finance offers with such discounts and cashback to get maximum benefits out of it.

  1. Shop in Incognito Window

Websites increase their prices once they know that you are interested in their products. Therefore always open links in a private session or an incognito mode. One of the most important online shopping tips is to keep deleting your browser cookies and cache regularly.

It’s vital to keep this in mind, especially when searching for airline tickets or hotel reservations.

  1. Check the Shipping Cost & Handling Charges

You click on a product instantly when it shows a low price. But checking the other details and charges carefully is a smart way to shop online. The website may slide a considerable amount in the name of shipping costs or additional charges.

There was a time when most websites used to give free shipping. But nowadays this facility is available with membership or on special days only.

  1. Leave Products in the Cart for a While

This is the product and the price you were looking for all along! But wait before you click on the buy button and leave your product in the cart for a few days. You may get notifications about the discount and cash backs offered on the product.

Websites do that many times as an incentive to purchase. This online shopping hack also prevents you from impulsive buying.

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