The Best Way to Speed Up Your Internet Speed

When Wi-Fi is slow, Zoom meetings may be interrupted, online worlds may become chaotic, and video streams may be paused due to buffering. There are many reasons why you may experience a slow internet connection, and speeding up your internet on your computer or laptop is not always an easy task. 

Although there are several ways to improve the speed of your connection, there is still much you can do. This article will provide you with 5 tips for increasing internet speed, so you can download and stream content at lightning speeds.

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Ways that you need to understand in order to speed up your internet speed:

1: Move Your Router Closer to the Computer 

In order to increase your internet connection speed, you should get closer to your router, as it is an easy and effective method. If your computer or laptop is located far from your Wi-Fi router, your internet speed will be slower.

You do not need to place your computer next to your router in order to stream your favorite shows, but the closer you are, the better. If you have a router and a device within a few feet of each other, make sure there are no thick walls, especially concrete walls, between them. It is important to realize that not every router has the same signal strength – some have a strong signal, and others do not.

The router you receive from your ISP (internet service provider) may not be the best available. If you are having trouble receiving signals even when you are right next to the router, it is time to replace it. 

Additionally, an ISP may be required to distribute bandwidth more efficiently at certain times. Whether slow internet speeds are repeated at certain times of the day could be the result of throttling by your Internet service provider.

2: Close Unnecessary Programs and Applications 

You may have a problem with your internet connection if it is slow on your computer or laptop but works well on your phone or another device as a result of unnecessary background programs that are hogging your bandwidth and slowing down your connection. In order to improve the speed of your internet connection, you should stop such background programs and close any unused applications.

If you want to maximize your Internet speed on a PC, close all background applications and programs. Following are the ways how you can easily find background applications and programs:

  • Select Task Manager from the right-click menu on the taskbar
  • Under the Processes tab, click Network to view the processes that consume the most bandwidth
  • Here, you can easily close all background applications and programs by clicking the application and pressing the End Task.

It is estimated that the OneDrive consumes 12 Mbps of bandwidth due to the fact that it is busy uploading files. By right-clicking on the program in Task Manager and selecting End task, you can prevent programs from draining your bandwidth and background data.

3: Restart the Router or Modem 

Slow internet speeds can often be resolved by restarting your router or modem – we perform this procedure every two to three months. There may be a caching issue with the router’s firmware or a bug in the router’s firmware resulting in slow router performance. However, sometimes our internet connection simply becomes slow without any apparent cause.

Whatever the cause, we have found that turning the router off and then back on again is an easy and quick way to speed up my internet connection. Using this method as a quick Wi-Fi booster works extremely well.

To get a faster internet connection on your computer, you should check if any programs are hogging your bandwidth, especially after restarting your router.

4: Connect Via Ethernet

Try switching to a wired connection if your Wi-Fi connection is consistently slow or if you do not wish to invest in a new router. By using an Ethernet cable, you can connect your PC or Mac to your router. With an actual cable, you have the potential to reach speeds of several gigabits per second.


Wi-Fi is a great technology, but wired connections are more reliable and faster. In the event that you have a high-priority device, such as a desktop, gaming console, or smart TV, you may wish to consider plugging into your router with an Ethernet cable rather than relying on wireless connections.

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