Top Reasons You Should Choose React Native for Your Next Mobile Application Development Project

Developing a mobile app is an intelligent initiative for businesses to succeed in today’s tech-savvy environment. The process of creating a mobile application is complex. Before your app is ready to launch, you must put a lot of work and effort into it. Today, the procedure is more effortless thanks to technological developments and app development framework advances. The creation of React Native frameworks is one of these technological advancements. This blog focuses on the top reasons that make React Native the absolute choice to achieve mobile appdevelopment.

Applications have dominated the market in the rapidly evolving technological era. Making an app is now simpler than ever before. The main concern is always which platform to choose and which app will be best for the company. That was when Google‘s prominent React Native app development option came into play. The programming language has completely overtaken the market for developing apps. It has dominated several development spheres and is one of the many technological advancements. Thus, talking about the benefits of using React Native when creating apps is vital. Carefully read through all the information.

Facebook developed the open-source framework known as React Native. Developers choose React Native app development for its efficiency and versatility, like cutting down on development time and improving cross-platform software performance. The performance of cross-platform apps can be increased, and development time can be decreased by using JavaScript as the primary programming language. JavaScript is React Native’s primary programming language at the same time.

Using a single code base and React Native, you can create fully functional Android and iOS platforms in less time. Both Swift and Java are not required for iOS and Android. React Native does away with the prerequisites, saving businesses from employing 2 separate teams of developers to maintain two different base codes.

React Native framework is used by well-known firms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tesla
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • Vogue
  • UberEats
  • Bloomberg
open-source framework known as React Native

What Percentage of the Market does React Native Hold?

React Native is cherished increasingly as a practical way to create cross-platform mobile apps without spending a fortune. How popular is it, exactly? Let’s look at React Native’s market share to understand its popularity in the app market.


When you consider the current top apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, the statistics become even more illuminating. 14.85% of installed apps among the top 500 apps in the US were created with React Native.

React Native framework is the 3rd most popular framework in the top US apps domain, after Kotlin and Android Architecture Components. 

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Why Use React Native When Developing Mobile Apps?

You can see several solutions with React Native that you really can not with other frameworks. Here are some benefits that come with React Native mobile app development.

  • Pre-Built Components & Reusable Code

The basic idea underlies cross-platform mobile app development. It adheres to the principle of write once & publish everywhere. You can reuse the written code for Android and iOS apps.React Native developers are no longer required to create different designs for several platforms. One piece of code for all platforms is sufficient, relieving the developers even more.

  • Quick Real-Time Updates

JavaScript serves as the primary language of React Native. With tools like code push, it can rapidly launch updates into a user’s device and supports cross-platform app development. The React Native developers can make updates without going via the App Store.

  • Compatibility with Third-Party Plugins

The creation of new software for any mobile application is challenging. But it gets easier with the assistance of React Native.  Facebook deals with React Native, which also has exposure to many JavaScript libraries. These plugins allow you to create high-performing apps.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Utilizing a single codebase is one of the key benefits of React Native framework. When creating the base code for an application that can operate on both the iOS and Android platforms, React Native combines React JS with a native UI library and native APIs. As a result, cross-platform apps perform at par with native apps.
To create a better mobile application with all the native functionalities, we can reuse the state management, component logic, and React hooks from a web project that uses React JS. This speeds up the development process and lowers the overall cost of creating the app. Faster development entails releasing your app as soon as possible and entering the competition before the schedule. Additionally, you don’t need to engage separate developers to create apps for iOS and Android devices owing to its one codebase technique.

  • Live & Hot Reloading

At its core, React Native offers a hot and live reloading feature. The live feature automatically reloads the entire application once changes are made, unlike hot reloading, which reloads the modified region. With the help of this functionality, the developers can edit the code in real-time and make corrections while the program is loading. Testing and development are made easier as a result.

  • Community Backing & Industry Acceptance

React Native has the most significant community support out of all the cross-platform technologies. It enables community experts to assist your devs. React Native app development will undoubtedly maintain its importance in the future, thanks to Facebook’s growth and the assistance of numerous businesses and open source contributors.

  • Employing React Native Developers is Easier

React Native uses the open-source JS library because it is an open-source platform. Therefore, finding and hiring potential developers for your project won’t be too difficult for you. Additionally, React Native is simple to learn and gives your developers quick access to it. 

  • Reliability

Facebook created a mobile app to test the platform’s viability before React Native was developed and released. It enabled its programmers to create a fantastic mobile application for the social media platform. Everyone uses the Facebook mobile app today, which has the same user experience as a native mobile app. Since React Native became open-source, more businesses have begun utilizing it to create mobile applications. 

Few Drawbacks of React Native

The article above covered the advantages of React Native. But much like any other mobile app development library, not everything about React Native is ideal. Due to React Native’s youth, many components are not yet accessible.

These cons include:

  1. React Native is not the best option for developers that wish to create games or applications with intricate 3D rendering.
  1. React Native is not the best option for you if your company deals with complex designs or extensive interaction.
  1. It is a new framework for developing apps but has quickly gained market share. But this framework still needs many upgrades. Still, the performance is inferior to native.
  1. The developers will need to build native bridges or hold off until the React Native community comes up with a solution if they want to employ any fancy features in-app.


In summation, React Native offers a variety of distinctive advantages. It is easier to create, provides excellent quality, simulates a Native app’s functionality without creating one, etc. However, the technology stack you choose will primarily depend on the needs of your firm. So, You can learn How to Hire React Native Developer? and What does it cost

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